Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Treating

We braved the whipping winds and pouring rain and ventured out for trick or treating!  We spent 35 minutes in traffic driving to our friends house when it should have only taken ten minutes.  Despite the horrible weather, we all decided to go for it!  I held Sidekick, his bucket, and an umbrella while trying not to get blown over or allow my umbrella to turn inside out.  Once he saw the older kids with whom we joined going up to houses and picking "something" out of a bowl, he insisted on keeping up with them. He wanted to walk just like them and tried so hard to be as fast as them but wasn't fast enough.  In my new momma wisdom, I finally said "F it!", collapsed the umbrella, and we both happily (well, he more than I) trudged through the wicked, cold rainy weather to collect the yummy candy (which he of course had no idea what is was).  We gave in to Mother Nature after about 40 minutes and went back to my friend's house to pass out Halloween candy to the other brave souls while he wore warm, dry skeleton PJs. 

I have zero pictures from this wild night because it was hard enough to watch Sidekick and keep him from getting blown over, and I didn't want to ruin my nice camera.  Despite that, I'm bummed I don't have one picture of the back of him at someone's house.  The night will forever be etched in my memory. 

I know my mom took me out at least one year in the nasty weather, so the torch as been passed down.  Lots of homeowners empathized with me, but they all knew why I was doing it.  Sidekick had to have his first experience trick or treating in his perfect-for-him sock monkey costume regardless of the crappy weather.  Who cares if we both ended up looking like drowned rats!  I'll share this story with him over the years so that despite the lack of pictures, he can recount the night through my story telling. 

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  1. I can just picture it--and so will your son when you tell him the story of his first trick or treating experience!