Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sidekick Got the DST Memo

Daylight Savings Time is always an interesting time of year.  I've always loved the extra hour of sleep but still waking up early.  When it's dark at 4:30, I quickly remember I'd give back that extra hour of sleep in a heartbeat.  It's so depressing.  Sidekick and I will also begin feeling trapped because even if it's not too cold, we can't go out to play after dinner because it's too dark.  We'll both miss that.  I hate being cooped up (which was evident in my running errands with Sidekick when he was three days old and taking him out every other day thereafter despite all of the stitches I had and pain I was in-- ouch! My sanity took precedence over my pain.).

I had a showing for my condo yesterday, so I had to get Sidekick down for an earlier nap and get out of my home quickly when he woke up.  We took Dog to the dog park and met some friends there.  Sidekick had a blast playing with all of the dogs and collecting ever "ba" (ball) that he saw, followed by some running around and exploring at the playground.  I guess all of the fresh air and running around got to him because he was ready to go to sleep at 6:50.  He's always been an incredible sleeper, and for that I am grateful.  I was a stickler about bedtime from day one. He only slept in his crib in his room, bedtime routine started at four weeks old, and he started sleeping 12-13 hours straight at nine weeks old.  I contribute some of that success to my being very anal about his sleeping "rules".  He loves to sleep and is much better at it than I.  Anyway, my plan was to keep Sidekick awake a little past "normal" last night in hopes that he would sleep a little later than normal, making DST a little less painful for both of us.  Sidekick got the memo about the extra hour of sleep, but apparently I didn't get the memo because while I was awake at 6:15, Sidekick slept until just after 8:00 (which to all of our bodies at the moment is actually 9:00).  He normally sleeps until about 7:15.  So last night, he sleep for 14 hours!  While I sit here typing this, he sits in his crib playing and "talking".  He can stay in there for up to an hour, happy and calm, but since I'm sure he is starving and needing some breakfast since he hasn't eaten since 5:00 yesterday, I need to get him. 

His late sleeping will hopefully help today as I have a showing between 1:00-2:00, and he normally takes his nap around 12:45.  I need to keep this little guy going until 2:00 when we can go back home.  I'm hoping I get the DST Memo next year and take advantage of the extra hour of sleep like Sidekick did.  With my luck, next year Sidekick won't get the memo. 


  1. You ran errands with him when he was 3 days old? I'm impressed. I hibernated for six weeks after giving birth. (And while I didn't have the energy to go out, I also went stir crazy.) If there is anyway Sidekick can teach my boys to sleep 14 hours, I'll gladly pay him. Tell him to name his price, LOL!

  2. 14 hours...that's amazing!

    Having a lot of showings is promising...good luck!