Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ending my Blog????

I've been writing this blog for over six years.  It started when I decided 100% that I was ready to take the plunge and be a Single Mother by Choice. It has taken me from the many IUIs I had to do to the approach of Sidekick's 5th birthday.  I'm thinking that it might be time to end my blogging endeavor.  This has been a private blog which means family and friends don't know about it.  I wanted it this way so that I can be 100% honest and not worry about people judging me.  While they probably "judge" me, I don't really care because I don't know any of these people. 

I've "met" some great people along the way. I've had support from people all around the world.  I've used this as my outlet.  I've been open and have written whatever I have felt at various times in my life. I have shared my life and my son's life with people all around the world.  It might be time to just let this blog die while I have at least have 6+ years of memories to read about for many years to come. 

I'm going to really ponder this and decide if I am going to keep blogging, and if so, why keep going?  So bear with me as I make this decision.  Maybe I'll end my blog with Sidekick's 5th birthday or maybe his first day of kindergarten or maybe ten years from now.  : ) 

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Video: How to be a Good Person "Pledge"

I adore this video of Sidekick for so many reasons. I can think of many adults who need to say this Pledge every day also...