Thursday, August 28, 2014

Open the Floodgates and Let the Universe do it's Job

I'm typically a person who doesn't let others see me cry.  I'm typically a person who is not open with her feelings.  I'm typically a person who keeps things bottled up instead of talk about them. Today was not the case!  My friend had gotten me a gift certificate for a reading followed by some self growth discussion.  I had no idea what to expect, but I went in with an open mind.  I had to fill out a brief sheet with information and the last question was focusing on things that I would like to work on for self growth (or something like that).  I sat there for a few minutes thinking, and thinking, and thinking and came up with two things:

1.  Be open to love in order to find a great man
2.  Be happy and at peace with the present

Hell if I knew what I wanted to accomplish! I had no idea what this hour would look like!

Anyway, she immediately asked about point number one which took me back 12 years to the man I thought I was going to marry. The man for whom I moved to a different state. The man that I loved with all my heart.  About two minutes in, I started crying!  Me!  Wth?!?  I don't know if I am still so sad about that OR if I'm just plain sad about something in my life (point number 2).  We talked about my fear of being vulnerable, and she assured me that while vulnerability has the connotation of being weak, it's actually a "symbol" of strength.  Interesting.

I recently wrote about feeling lonely in an entry title Loneliness (click "Loneliness" to read more) and I guess that still plagues me from time to time.  As much as I want a wonderful, loving man in my life, I have to let go of my independence and be open to the possibility.  The thought of letting go of control of mine and Sidekick's routine seems odd to me if we let someone else in.  What if "he" doesn't do Sidekick's bedtime routine perfectly?  (Does that really f'n matter?) What if I can't handle someone else in my life taking up "space" in our lives?  I've been "alone" for so long that I don't even know if I'm capable of being with someone.  But the bottom line is that I miss companionship, and apparently that makes me sad... or that guy who broke my heart makes me sad... I'm not sure. 

We talked about how I need to do things that make me happy.  I used to play on volleyball leagues. I used to run half marathons. I used to read books for hours on end. I used to just drive somewhere to go for a hike.  I don't do any of that anymore, not necessarily because I'm busy with Sidekick, but because all of that requires a babysitter, and I'm not "willing" to pay that money when in my stupid head, that money is better used towards Sidekick's college fund or my retirement fund, apparently in lieu of my current happiness.  I realize that I need to do something that makes me happy.  She told me I need to love myself and not just love my son to death.  Do I not love myself?  What exactly does that mean? What does make me happy?  Hmmmm... those are interesting questions. 

The reading was maybe a bit BS, but maybe not. She said that I am a very sensitive person and that I can easily connect on personal levels with certain people.  She said that when I make the "right" decision about things in my life, the clouds seem to part and the sun shines through.  She said I make the right decisions the majority of the time and that I just know what to do when.  She talked about a man that she sees for me, and that when I meet him, Sidekick is with me.  She said he is funny and that he is drawn to Sidekick because he is open to life and love, and because of him, this guy and I will connect... eventually.  She said Sidekick is my teacher in life (which I don't doubt).

When she focused on Sidekick, she immediately laughed.  She said he is such a happy boy, very outgoing, and very social.  He loves adults and kids of all ages.  She said he and I will always be close and that right now, he is very happy with his life and isn't missing anything.  Nothing makes a Momma happier than to hear this, BS or not!

I realize that while Sidekick is my number one priority and he's pretty much my life, he shouldn't be the "only" thing in my life. I somehow need to find a life outside of him before I get swallowed up in this stagnant water in which I'm swimming.  It was a thought provoking hour, and while she was pushing (encouraging me) for another meeting, I'm not sure if I'm up for that, but moving forward I will be open to the possibility of love, enable myself to be (maybe a little) vulnerable, and let go of my need to control everything in my life.  Those are difficult things for me to do, but I'm willing to give it a shot!  Apparently, the universe has more control of my life than I've given it credit for. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peeing... Where?!?!

Sidekick has been waking up dry in the mornings for several months.  I thought this would be a good kick off to potty training.  While he sits on the potty in the morning, I can't seem to encourage him to use it during the day with as much ease.  I bought him mini-Starbursts as a bribe, and most of the time he could care less.  Sunday afternoon, I put him on the potty with a book in his hand.  I walked to the laundry room which is right next to his bathroom, and when I came back he was standing up next to the potty facing the wall.  HE HAD JUST FINISHED PEEING ON THE WALL!!!!  After I got over my initial shocked and he confirmed that he did that, he asked me for a Starburst.  I seriously had to ponder that for a moment because I didn't know if peeing on the wall warranted a Starburst.  He saw my hesitation, sat on the potty, and squeezed out just a little more pee to get that Starburst  I've written it before, and I'll write it again, potty training boys is really messy!!!!

On an unrelated note... Sidekick's school leaves a small treasure box of Dum-Dums for the kids on Fridays.  I've always been able to dodge them without him knowing what they are until last week when he saw his friend with one.  He looked at his friend, looked at the treasure box, looked at me, an said, "Momma. I wanna Sucker-ball!"  I prefer the word lollipop over sucker, so I'm not sure where in the world he came up with Sucker-ball!  The people within earshot just started laughing. 

I've started writing down the funny things he says in a journal, and it's hard to believe how many are already in there. His humor, whether intentional or not, is priceless.  I think he and I will get along really well in the years to come as neither of us seem to take the world too seriously, even when the going gets tough. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


My new friend/neighbor, E, is having a hysterectomy next week.  She's young and was very open with me when she explained that her mom had fought and died from several different cancers and that she (E) had tested positive for the BRCA Gene, so the odds were stacked against her. Not only has she made the courageous decision to do this surgery at a young age, but she also had a double mastectomy not too long ago. To be faced with losing her mother five months ago and then having another surgery to prevent what her mom went through is inspiring.  It's something I cannot even begin to wrap my head around. 

I try to keep things light hearted and find humor in a pretty shitty situation because let's face it, that's what I do and who I am. I immediately think that she'll never have a period again... ever!  That sounds awesome!  However, I can see the struggle she is going through.  While she and her husband are not planning on having another child, having a hysterectomy is so final, and the decision is made for them.  If it was me, I'd be feeling the finality of my child bearing years also (hell, I already feel my biological clock ticking faster than ever!), and that would be difficult.  Her decision cannot be reversed, but she is making a decision that will allow her to be here for her husband and son for many, many more years to come.

So I sit here and think: holy mother fu#$er! So much of our womanhood is tied to our uteruses and ovaries.  I grew my baby there. She grew her baby there. My uterus was my son's first "home" and if faced with a decision like E, his "home" would be yanked out of me in an instant and be forever gone, robbing me of the ability to bear another child... ever.  While I would probably do the same thing if faced with those awful odds that she learned she had, I can't quite imagine the finality of what that surgery means to her.  Not only is she facing the fact that her insides are being ripped out of her, but she is facing the finality of what woman's bodies were made to do... have children. She is an F'n warrior!

I ask that all of my readers/followers please say a little prayer for and send good vibes to my friend, E, on Tuesday morning and the days leading up to and after her surgery. While her mother is not here for her, let's surround her with a lot of love that she can feel from all around the world.  Thank you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Beauty of Friendship and a Nosy (but cute!) Neighbor

We haven't even been in our new home for two months, and already we have bonded with a great family.  E and D have an eight year old son, T.  For whatever reason, our families just took to one another from the first day we hung out in the cul-da-sac.  T has stepped up to be the big brother Sidekick will never have, while D stepped up to be a good, kind, solid male figure in Sidekick's life.  When I sit back and watch the interaction between Sidekick, T, and D, my heart just melts and it brings me so much happiness.  How did we get so lucky to have such great friends/neighbors?  Sidekick always asks if "Big T" is outside to play. He loves that kid.

I find it very interesting that our families have bonded so quickly.  Even more surprising is the fact that E and I have become close friends in such a short period of time. I think it all goes back to a question from a six year old neighbor.  I was walking Dog, and my mom was home with Sidekick.  Little girl came up to me to pet Dog.  I've seen her before, but only a couple of times.  Here is how the conversation went:

Girl:  Do you have a Dad?
Me:   Yes (kind of a lie)
Girl:  Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:   No
Girl:  Do you have a husband?
Me:   No
Girl:  Then how did you get *Sidekick*?

What??!!  How the hell do I respond to that, and why would she even ask a question like that? I shrugged it off and told her I was just a lucky Momma.  Later that night, we were out and I mentioned to E that I wanted to talk to her about the conversation I had with the girl.  We later met outside on her driveway when Sidekick was sleeping and my mom was home. (T was up in his room trying to fall asleep, so this was the only way we could talk because D was not home.) I walked down armed with alcoholic beverages, and E yelled, "Where the F have you been the past eight years?"  I knew from that moment, we would be good friends. 

While sitting on her driveway, and I asked her if she knew the story of me and Sidekick. She said she figured Sidekick's dad wasn't in the picture, so I explained how Sidekick came to be, and she had such joy in her heart and replied that she had just gotten the chills.  At that moment, we became good friends.  I told her about the girl and she laughed and said that same girl came up to her one day, put her hands on E's belly, and asked if she was pregnant.  Nice! 

I told E that I was just thinking that maybe she and the girl's mom (who I know) were talking about us, and the girl just overheard. I told her that I didn't care if they were, and that I've always been an open book about Sidekick's story.  But, they never had that conversation, so I have no idea what prompted the girl to ask me such a question.  It's a good thing she is cute!

Sometimes I question the way life works ... E, D, and T are going to move (and selfishly I hope they stay). As strange as this sounds, it really makes me sad to think of them not a few doors away.  When you find people, neighbors especially, with whom you quickly form a good friendship, the thought of them leaving is very hard. I uprooted our lives and we left great friends in order to have a bigger, "better" home for me and Sidekick, and I ended up being blessed with good friends.  What are the chances of that?  We are so content here, but it might very much be the result of our new found friends. Our little families have bonded in ways that I never imagined possible. Sometimes people come into our lives at just the right moment, but it sure sucks when they leave in a flash.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little Parched Perhaps?

My mom came in town last week and stayed through the weekend.  Since my stepdad passed away a month ago and my mom was taking care of him, she hadn't seen our new home yet.  I was so excited for her to see the home I worked so hard to be able to afford, not to mention a home that Sidekick and I love so much!  Sidekick was so excited to give her the tour (even though he was at school when I picked her up from the airport, so she had already seen it).  Seeing him give her the tour was so much fun because I could see how much he loves it here!

We had a busy weekend at a children's museum, a building activity at a hardware store, running errands, hanging things on the walls of our new home, playing with our new neighbors, etc.  Probably the highlight of her time here was when we went the park.  It was a park we hadn't been to yet, and it had a splash pad that slanted, so the water moved down like a river.  We had avoided that area like the plague because I didn't have his swimsuit, towel, etc.  We succeeded for a while, but towards the end, he became curious.  He went over and just looked and reaching to touch the water as best as he could.  After about 15 minutes, he walked into the water. I didn't care what others would think, so I stripped him down to his diaper and let him have fun. For whatever reason, he thought it would be a good idea to get a drink.

I laughed so hard when he did this!  He did this off and on over about a 15 minute timeframe.  I had to get my phone out of my car so I could capture this image.  I have no idea what possessed him to do this, but everyone thought it was funny and a few people even took a picture of him.  So here sits Momma and Grandma laughing uncontrollably at a kid who is inappropriately dressed for the occasion and probably catching the plague, which we were trying so desperately to avoid. I don't care.  He was so happy and two year olds should be able to do goofy things like this!  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Groupon Sucked Me In!

Groupons/Living Socials are great; however, they can really suck me into things! Take for example yesterday...  I got a Groupon for Picture People for $18 which included a photo session and a bazillion sizes of pictures of one "pose".  (I have so many that I'm going to have to start handing them out on the street!)  My mom is in town, so we picked up Sidekick from school and took him to the mall armed with marshmallows to bribe him.  I had very low expectations because he was not cooperating, but lo and behold, the pictures turned out great!  Two hours and $111 later, I walked out with the CD and a huge frame containing three pictures. This is the second time I've taken him for a photo shoot in his 25 months of life, so I guess that wasn't too bad. (I have friends who were doing this every few months which I find crazy.)  Anyway, now that I have the "rights" to these pictures, I'm going to have to figure out what do with all of them.  These are some of my favorites.  I can't believe this sweet boy just turned two!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Happiness is... Curious Georgia (yes, Georgia!)

Sidekick loves monkeys so much.  He has no choice really because my baby shower, his first birthday, and the theme of his bedroom are/were all about Sock Monkeys.  I guess I have ingrained the love subconsciously.  For many, many, many months, he has worshiped Curious Georgia (yes, he says Georgia!).  Over the weekend, we went to an Open House at a nearby daycare just because Curious George was there.  He waited patiently in line with the birthday card he made for Georgia as an activity, and when he saw Georgia, the squeal out of his little body could have shattered the windows (picture on the left below)!  I have never seen him so excited about anything before. Once he sat on Georgia's lap, he was speechless (picture on the right)... almost like he was in awe to be so close to Georgia.  Finally, when I took him from George's lap, Sidekick said, "Bye bye Georgia.  Love you."  Let me tell you, at that point, Sidekick was a hit in the entire room and all I heard was "Awwww" all around us. He is such a sweet boy. 

What's kind of strange is that when we went to the zoo (which I HATE but made the exception for Sidekick), he was terrified of the Gorillas and Chimps that were so close to the window, but sitting on a big "puppet" didn't bother him at all.  To be two again and have all of the simple things in life make you happy.