Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Beauty of Friendship and a Nosy (but cute!) Neighbor

We haven't even been in our new home for two months, and already we have bonded with a great family.  E and D have an eight year old son, T.  For whatever reason, our families just took to one another from the first day we hung out in the cul-da-sac.  T has stepped up to be the big brother Sidekick will never have, while D stepped up to be a good, kind, solid male figure in Sidekick's life.  When I sit back and watch the interaction between Sidekick, T, and D, my heart just melts and it brings me so much happiness.  How did we get so lucky to have such great friends/neighbors?  Sidekick always asks if "Big T" is outside to play. He loves that kid.

I find it very interesting that our families have bonded so quickly.  Even more surprising is the fact that E and I have become close friends in such a short period of time. I think it all goes back to a question from a six year old neighbor.  I was walking Dog, and my mom was home with Sidekick.  Little girl came up to me to pet Dog.  I've seen her before, but only a couple of times.  Here is how the conversation went:

Girl:  Do you have a Dad?
Me:   Yes (kind of a lie)
Girl:  Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:   No
Girl:  Do you have a husband?
Me:   No
Girl:  Then how did you get *Sidekick*?

What??!!  How the hell do I respond to that, and why would she even ask a question like that? I shrugged it off and told her I was just a lucky Momma.  Later that night, we were out and I mentioned to E that I wanted to talk to her about the conversation I had with the girl.  We later met outside on her driveway when Sidekick was sleeping and my mom was home. (T was up in his room trying to fall asleep, so this was the only way we could talk because D was not home.) I walked down armed with alcoholic beverages, and E yelled, "Where the F have you been the past eight years?"  I knew from that moment, we would be good friends. 

While sitting on her driveway, and I asked her if she knew the story of me and Sidekick. She said she figured Sidekick's dad wasn't in the picture, so I explained how Sidekick came to be, and she had such joy in her heart and replied that she had just gotten the chills.  At that moment, we became good friends.  I told her about the girl and she laughed and said that same girl came up to her one day, put her hands on E's belly, and asked if she was pregnant.  Nice! 

I told E that I was just thinking that maybe she and the girl's mom (who I know) were talking about us, and the girl just overheard. I told her that I didn't care if they were, and that I've always been an open book about Sidekick's story.  But, they never had that conversation, so I have no idea what prompted the girl to ask me such a question.  It's a good thing she is cute!

Sometimes I question the way life works ... E, D, and T are going to move (and selfishly I hope they stay). As strange as this sounds, it really makes me sad to think of them not a few doors away.  When you find people, neighbors especially, with whom you quickly form a good friendship, the thought of them leaving is very hard. I uprooted our lives and we left great friends in order to have a bigger, "better" home for me and Sidekick, and I ended up being blessed with good friends.  What are the chances of that?  We are so content here, but it might very much be the result of our new found friends. Our little families have bonded in ways that I never imagined possible. Sometimes people come into our lives at just the right moment, but it sure sucks when they leave in a flash.

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