Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Call Him Cyclops

It's never good when school shows up on my caller ID, especially since he was out the week before with Hand Foot and Mouth.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  "Oh no, don't call me!"  (I typically answer the phone like this when they call.)
School:  "He's not sick."  (phew!)  "But he fell on his head and has a pretty bad bump.  We tried to ice it and he fought us."  (I totally know what this means because when I've had to pin him down to apply ice, he turns into the Exorcist baby.)
Me:  "What happened?"
School:  "He was pushing a xylophone and it got away from him, he landed on his forehead."  (Apparently, he was standing and bending down to push this toy so that his butt was in the air.)
Me:  "How bad it is?"
School:  "Pretty bad. He kind of looks like a unicorn."

I called the pediatrician's office just to make sure I don't need to be concerned that Sidekick grew a horn, and they said as long as he didn't lose consciousness and isn't vomiting, he's okay.  I called school back and was reassured that he's acting normal, so I kept him there. When I picked him up, I was told by many people that it looked so much better. (I can't even imagine what he had looked like.)  He had a massive goose egg that looked like he was growing a horn out of his head.  This is what it looked like the day after.  Yes, it looks better, but yikes!  I sure hope that bump (which you can't quite see) goes down.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Memory is Already Fading

I loved being pregnant.  I had horrible insomnia the entire time, but I still felt great anyway.  I never napped (I never understood how pregnancy makes people tired). I ran up until I was about 6 1/2 months along, but I continued to work out until I delivered.  Okay... let me back track... I loved being pregnant after my horrible all day sickness ended at 15 weeks, but I digress. I loved my belly.  I loved people always talking to me just because I was pregnant.  I loved feeling proud that I was growing a human being in me.  I felt beautiful and healthy.  For some reason, I am already upset that I can't remember what being pregnant felt like.  My water broke at 38+6 which surprised everyone because I had an induction date scheduled as it appeared that Sidekick had no intentions of coming on his own.  He fooled us!
Because I had an induction date set for 40+2, I thought I had time to say goodbye to my pregnancy.  That sounds strange, I know, but since my water broke unexpectedly (and I waited six hours to go the L&D because I wasn't sure my water really broke since it was a trickle), I was very surprised.  I was planning on another 11 days with my little guy growing in me while I kept him safe. I was planning on having one last night out with my best friend getting a pedicure/manicure and eating a great dinner, but then my water broke that day, so I never got that last night out.  I remember every hour that I was in L&D from 3:00 PM until 8:48 AM the next morning when Sidekick joined the world. I remember pushing for 2 1/2 hours and how fast that 2 1/2 hours felt.  I remember everything getting pretty scary because Sidekick was stuck and we were approaching the 24 hour mark from when my water broke, so he needed to get out.  I remember getting so angry and determined to push him out so I wouldn't end up with a c-section.  I remember looking at him as soon as he was born and thinking that the sperm must have gotten mixed up because he looked like an African American baby since his skin was so dark. Ha!  (By the way, my mom and best friend thought the same thing but didn't tell me until the next day.)  I remember that moment when he was put into my arms and I fell in love with him.

But, I can't remember being pregnant! Granted Sidekick was a very calm baby and didn't move much at all, so oftentimes it felt like there wasn't anything growing/moving inside me. I was a happy pregnant woman who had no cravings and wasn't emotional, but I can't remember what it felt like with him growing in me.  Am I the only one?  He will be my only child (unless I get married soon, so I can afford another one), so I'm sad that I'll never experience that incredible feeling again... a feeling that I CANNOT remember! 

I'm sad about this, and I don't know why.  It's been 14 months, but sometimes I miss him growing inside me.  I miss that experience. I miss that sensation.  I miss wondering what he will look like and what his personality will be like.  I miss wondering if he'll be an easy baby or a difficult one. (I got so lucky!) I miss the wonder of it all, and if it wasn't for finances, I would be doing everything I could to experience it all over again.  I loved being pregnant.  I miss the feeling of being pregnant even though I can't remember it. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can you Hear That?

It's the sound of me cheering that Sidekick is going back to school tomorrow!  Woo-hoo!  Yay!  Yippee!  Sidekick survived a double ear infection and a horrible new strain of Hand Foot and Mouth, and I survived Sidekick!  We did it! 

That sound is also me cheering because when I put him on his feet at the playground yesterday, he took off walking!  What?!?!!  He's taken up to eight steps (whenever he felt like it which wasn't often), but yesterday he just kept going and going and going.  Did a light bulb turn on in his little head and he all of a sudden "got it"? Awesome!  He also learned to put his finger in the hole of the raspberry and eat it off his fingers. That's pretty much the only way he'll eat raspberries now.  Funny.

We had an open house today. While we were kicked out of our home, Sidekick, dog, and I went for a long walk at the park.  After about 30 minutes, Sidekick fell asleep so when our 2+ mile walk was done I sat in a gazebo and actually read book on my Kindle.  That poor Kindle has been neglected.  I would love to have gone further, but poor almost 11 year old dog was slowing down.  When I got home, I learned that eight people showed up to the open house... some of which might be really interested in my condo.  Come on, buyer!  Bring me an offer!  I'm waiting!

Even though Sidekick and I need to be separated after ten days (wow!  That was a long time), I still get sad that it's Sunday night, and I have to go back to my adult responsibilities and earn my keep.  Gosh darn it.  : )  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help! The Walls are Closing in!

I am ready to lose my mind! We are on day five of Hand Foot and Mouth and a double ear infection, and I am feeling very claustrophobic in my home! This continues to spread and while it's looking better, it's still pretty nasty.
I'm trying to juggle work while keeping Sidekick out of trouble and it's exhausting. Thankfully the emails and phone calls for work have been far and few between so I can continue to send emails to customer prospecting business for 2014 and not have to field a lot of phone calls with Sidekick making noise in the background. Sidekick has been a trooper and continues to be in good spirits, but since he looks like he has some scary disease, the only time we are getting out is to take the dog for a walk. Today it's pretty hot, so our time outside will be short. I love him, but I need a break from him. This is one of those times when being a SMC with no family in the same state really sucks.

On a funny note, while I was sitting at my desk working, I had some lovely background music for quite a while compliments of Sidekick. I finally got up to look and this put such a smile on my face:

So here I sit wondering when I'll ever get to the grocery store, if I'll ever work out again, how I'll get ready for my open house on Sunday with a kid that follows behind me and destroys what I just cleaned, and how I'll survive four more days until I can take Sidekick back to school and get a break. It's all good though. Really it is.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sidekick's Diagnosis...

Sidekick woke up this morning with more of these lovely blisters on his legs, hands, and face, so I took him to the doctor.  He has a new strain of Hand Foot and Mouth AND a double ear infection (he just had that at the end of July).  The kid continues to show no signs of an ear infection every time he gets one, so I am always so caught off guard when I learn he has one. He also has the blisters down this throat, so that would explain why he hasn't been eating very much.  His pediatrician can't believe what a trooper he is.  We dropped off his prescription, went to the grocery store to load up on yogurt and applesauce in hopes he can swallow that, came home, gave him his antibiotic and applesauce, and put him down for his nap.  He looks miserable. Have you seen Hand Foot and Mouth?  It's pretty nasty!  (I'll spare you the picture of his gruesome legs!)

I now know what he'll look like when he is going through puberty.  Poor little guy!

And so begins the drama yet again of a working single momma!  Sidekick will be out of school until at least Thursday.  I actually have a training tomorrow (I'm co-running) that can't be changed.  Actually, I'm helping my partner because it's in her territory.  So... either my partner's pregnant daughter will watch Sidekick (if OB says it's okay) or my partner will watch Sidekick while I do the training alone because I know the product better than her.  All of this stress for something that I'm not even responsible for because it's someone else's territory.  But, we've always been a team and she's a good friend, so of course I'll do what I can to help her. 

All I need is someone to call to tell me they want to show my condo with very little notice.  That would just complete my day/week!  It's going to be a really long week with my sick little Sidekick. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Already Sunday Night?

What a week!  I made an offer on that house with a contingency, and as I predicted, it was not accepted. The seller didn't want to be "off the market" while I tried to sell my condo.  I immediately put my condo on the market and have two showings. Both people like my place a lot, but wanted to look at other places before making a decision.  While I was chilling out on my sofa today, I got a knock on my door. Someone was thinking the open house was today and not next Sunday.  She explained that her daughter had looked at it yesterday and wanted her mom to look at it, so I let her in.  Why not?  I want to sell this place!  I'm hoping I'll get a contract on my condo and that house will still be available.  I keep reminding myself that if that house is meant to be, then I'll get it.  Keeping this place clean with a dog and a kid is really hard and getting all of us out the door (or just the dog if Sidekick is at school) is really a pain in the ass. 

Sidekick woke up with a horrible diaper rash this morning.  He's never had a diaper rash, so this is all new to me.  I had plenty of things to try (Butt Paste, A&D Ointment, Dr. Smiths) which I used, but after his nap it looked worse.  It became blisters that ruptured and started spreading down the back of his thigh.  Even though he's never had a diaper rash, this is not what I thought one would look like.  He's been very out of sorts and whiny today which was my other indication that something more might be going on.  I called my friend who said that her daughter had something similar and it ended up being Hand Foot and Mouth.  Great.  Coincidentally (or maybe not), there has been a big blister between the fingers that he sucks.  He also has some random "spots"/blisters on other parts of his body. 

I called the doctor on call and she is baffled.  Nothing caused the diaper rash (no diarrhea, new foods, etc.).  It just appeared this morning and has gotten worse.  So, we are not at a standstill with regards to what it is.  If it looks better tomorrow morning after applying Neosporin tonight, then it is most likely a diaper rash.  It more blisters appear overnight, it's Hand Foot and Mouth.  So as of now, I don't know if he'll be going to school tomorrow. He went to sleep before 7:00, so I know he's not feeling well whatever it is.

So between selling my condo and getting kicked out whenever people want to look at it, dealing with a crabby kid with a wicked raw behind, and working the job of two people, life is a bit chaotic!  In typical Sunday night fashion, I need an antidepressant. (Haha!) I hate Sundays.  I hate having to go back to work and leaving my Sidekick (although I may not have to take him to school if his rash isn't better).  I'm always sad on Sunday nights. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

From Funk to Homeowner?

Whatever funk I've been in lately has quickly been replaced with the excitement of being a potential homeowner.  I am currently a homeowner of a condo, but I'm ready for a house. Sidekick, dog, and I are running out of space in the condo. I made an offer on a house yesterday and listed my condo also.  Holy craziness!  Of course I had to submit a contingency with the offer because I have to sell my condo, but there have been no offers on the house, so I'm hoping that we can come to some "agreement" on a contract.  It's so exciting but so scary at the same time!  I owe money on my condo which sucks, but I'll come out ahead in the long run because I'd be getting a great deal on this house.  Nonetheless, I'm nervous and my stomach has been in knots because I hope I am doing the right thing. Sidekick and I went to Lowes today to just get an idea of prices to redo my bathroom (his bathroom is new), and I didn't know where to begin I was so overwhelmed  We then looked at carpet.  How do I choose one?  My house would look better with new doors and hardware on all of the rooms, and that quickly adds up.  It became very nerve wracking. 

My realtor asked if I am going to have another baby.  I told her I'm going to buy a house instead and live a great life with Sidekick in our amazing home (hopefully)!  So... I feel like I'm back in the TWW because I'm currently waiting for a counter offer.  Waiting sucks, but if this house is meant to be it'll all work out.  I have to believe that. I had that same belief while trying to conceive Sidekick, and boy did that turn out amazing!  Fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Guest Blogger

Sara from "OMG... There's Three" ( asked some fellow SMC Bloggers to be a guest blogger on her blog.  The question she asked was "Why did you decide to be a Single Mom by Choice?"  While I know why I did, it was very therapeutic to write it out, especially so Sidekick has "documentation" about the thought process and plans that went into my decision.  In case anyone is interested in my story (or reading Sara's blog), here is the link to my guest post: