Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help! The Walls are Closing in!

I am ready to lose my mind! We are on day five of Hand Foot and Mouth and a double ear infection, and I am feeling very claustrophobic in my home! This continues to spread and while it's looking better, it's still pretty nasty.
I'm trying to juggle work while keeping Sidekick out of trouble and it's exhausting. Thankfully the emails and phone calls for work have been far and few between so I can continue to send emails to customer prospecting business for 2014 and not have to field a lot of phone calls with Sidekick making noise in the background. Sidekick has been a trooper and continues to be in good spirits, but since he looks like he has some scary disease, the only time we are getting out is to take the dog for a walk. Today it's pretty hot, so our time outside will be short. I love him, but I need a break from him. This is one of those times when being a SMC with no family in the same state really sucks.

On a funny note, while I was sitting at my desk working, I had some lovely background music for quite a while compliments of Sidekick. I finally got up to look and this put such a smile on my face:

So here I sit wondering when I'll ever get to the grocery store, if I'll ever work out again, how I'll get ready for my open house on Sunday with a kid that follows behind me and destroys what I just cleaned, and how I'll survive four more days until I can take Sidekick back to school and get a break. It's all good though. Really it is.


  1. Oh, my gosh! I know I'm reading this several days later but wow! you had your hands full. I'd have cabin fever! It's amazing the reserves of patience we discover when our children need us to. Here's hoping things got better (and fast!)

  2. I hope he's better! That looks and sounds more miserable every post I read!