Saturday, May 10, 2014

Confession of a SMC on Mother's Day

Okay, I hate to admit this.  I really do, but I think it's kind of depressing being a SMC on Mother's Day.  While I hear about everyone's plans for tomorrow, I get a little jealous that they have husbands, sisters, mothers, etc. with whom to share the day.  I have none of that (family lives in different states).  I've never gotten into the hype of holidays or birthdays, but for some reason, I find Mother's Day a less than stellar day for me. 

While other mothers are being pampered, having breakfast in bed, going out to a restaurant with their families, etc., it is like any other day for me. I'll be finishing up laundry, running errands, and chasing after a toddler who is entering the terrible twos (All. By. Myself). I know that many other mothers will have a similar day as mine, but the other people in their lives will at least make it seem/feel like the day is all about them, if only for a couple of hours.  

When people tell me to have a good Mother's Day, what the hell does that mean?  What makes it different than any other day?  Here's what would be great...

1.  Could someone please get Sidekick up tomorrow morning so I can lay in bed a little longer before his demands begin?
2.  Could someone please get Sidekick dressed and fed tomorrow morning so I can take a long hot shower and take my time getting ready without a whiny boy tugging on my robe? 
3.  Could someone please do a load or two of laundry so I can transport into someone else's world while I read a book on the sofa?  Read?  What's that?
4.  Could someone please go to the grocery store for me, and oh yeah, and figure out what we need?
5.  Could someone please just deal with one of Sidekick's temper tantrums so that for once I don't have to fight him?

Anyone?  Anyone?

See... I'm totally not asking for much.  I think I am just asking for a break just one day.

I have the most amazing little boy in my life. I wanted him more than anything I have ever wanted in my life.  I was blessed to have him.  I am grateful every day that this little boy chose me to be his mom.  I love the pot he painted at school with his handprints as the flowers that he gave me yesterday.  There is nothing more special than that. I can't imagine not having Sidekick, and I am so madly in love with him, so why the loneliness on Mother's Day? 

(By the way, I'm dreading Father's Day in a totally different way.)

I don't think this entry makes much sense, so thanks for bearing with me.  I could never utter these words to my married friends with kids.  There are just certain things I won't talk to them about because they just don't "get" it.  But, I can put it out in the blog world where no one knows me and many fellow SMCs follow my blog. 

Thank you for listening.  I feel badly (and maybe even a little selfish) for even writing this entry.

On another note, I decided to put this picture together to help me figure out who Sidekick resembles.  (He definitely has donor's ears.) Sometimes it's strange to not really know his other half. 


  1. I hear ya. I sometimes feel that it's strange to not know either "half" of my daughter, biologically speaking. I find myself wondering who she looks like, but I'll never know.

  2. He's so adorable! He has your mouth and eyes I think... but his donors ears and shirt (although I'm pretty sure that's not genetic!)

    In a few years time he'll make you feel special on Mothers day... I'm sorry that there's no people around that do it for him right now... but believe me... you're special in a thousand other ways!

    1. Haha! I thought the same thing about his shirt! : )

  3. What a cute little munchkin you have!!!!!

  4. OMG, he looks like a little you!

    It will help a little, I think, when he's making you little things for Mother's Day - when he really understands what it's all about. But until then, yeah, it can be a hard day.