Monday, January 31, 2011

Confusion with Ovulation

How difficult can it be to read an ovulation test? Yesterday I thought I got a positive. I was kind of shocked and excited since I just went off the pill. When I happened to look at the instructions again, it said the second line should be equal or darker to the first line. I'm not sure it was. I tried again today, and there wasn't a line. WTH? Was it a positive yesterday, and my window of opportunity has closed over 24 hours? (Not that it matters because I was only doing this to see if/when I ovulate.) Have I not ovulated yet? Who would have thought this would be so difficult? I guess I will try tomorrow to see what happens. I know, it's a cliff hanger. : )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving Right Along

Bloodwork has to be timed perfectly. Because my out of town meeing was cancelled, I was able to get my blood drawn on the "perfect" day. I have made an appointment with my OBGYN one week before I meet with the reproductive endocrinologist. While discussing this with a friend, we decided it make sense that my doctor know of my plans, and perhaps IUIs will be covered by insurance through her. If so, why not start the process with her? When I talked to her nurse about getting that bloodwork called in, I explained that I am meeting with both doctors to see what they advise. She asked me if I had been trying to get pregnant for long and my response was, "No, I have been trying to find a husband/daddy for too long." She laughed and reassured me that there are a lot of "me" out there. It made me feel better and not so abnormal. Somehow the fact that I have taken some big steps recently doesn't really freak me out. I'm excited for what will hopefully occur later this year. I keep reminding myself that at least I will never wonder "what if".

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Launch...

Well, I've taken a big step! As of yesterday, I have stopped taking the pill. Yikes! I've been on the pill for years, and I wonder how my body will respond now that I do not plan on taking it anymore. Also, I have scheduled an appointment next month to have a consultation with the doctor who will (hopefully) do my IUI. I am hopeful that my OB/GYN will call in an order for bloodwork ahead of time so I can get that part over with before I meet with the other doctor. I will also begin tracking my ovulation (I hope I actually ovulate!) to help with the timing of things. While I have been searching sperm banks, I don't plan on paying for more information about the donors until after I meet with the doctor and he tells me this is all a go. I have saved some based on basic information, but won't waste time or money if this is not possible for some strange reason. Things seem to be moving quickly now and my head is spinning. I know that I don't plan on doing the actual IUI for a few months, but getting my ducks in a row is making this all so real, and since time flies, the actual first try will be here before I know it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Small Step Closer

I had lunch with my embryologist friend today. I had emailed her asking her if she could meet me for lunch because I wanted to talk to her about something. Due to my schedule, we met two weeks later, and I therefore left her hanging. When I finally broached the subject with her, she said she had an idea that this was going to be our conversation. It helped a lot to talk to her because she gave me some suggestions about what I need to do right now. I thought I'd have to make an appointment to see the doctor soon. She recommended I go off the pill and wait a few cycles to see if I still have a regular cycle like I did before going on the pill. That never even crossed my mind. She also explained what this whole process entails and had opinions on sperm banks that I was looking into. So... I'm off to really get going with this process! Even though it's not actually going to happen for a few months, I'm getting my ducks in a row. This is exciting, but I am getting scared of the reality of the whole thing.