Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Small Step Closer

I had lunch with my embryologist friend today. I had emailed her asking her if she could meet me for lunch because I wanted to talk to her about something. Due to my schedule, we met two weeks later, and I therefore left her hanging. When I finally broached the subject with her, she said she had an idea that this was going to be our conversation. It helped a lot to talk to her because she gave me some suggestions about what I need to do right now. I thought I'd have to make an appointment to see the doctor soon. She recommended I go off the pill and wait a few cycles to see if I still have a regular cycle like I did before going on the pill. That never even crossed my mind. She also explained what this whole process entails and had opinions on sperm banks that I was looking into. So... I'm off to really get going with this process! Even though it's not actually going to happen for a few months, I'm getting my ducks in a row. This is exciting, but I am getting scared of the reality of the whole thing.

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