Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Strong Like Mom"

Mother's Day weekend...  when you are a SMC with an almost five year old, it's just another weekend.  There's no one to plan anything special.  There's no one to help around the house.  There's no one to make me breakfast.  There's no one!  But you know what?  I don't care. I celebrate Sidekick this weekend!  What more could I possibly want/ask for than him?  He's better than any present, breakfast, great plans, etc. 
Sidekick proudly wore this t-shirt for his Mother's Day tea at school and then again when we went to church. He knew what it said and he was proud to wear it.

When I put Sidekick to bed on Saturday night, he told me that he was excited to celebrate "us" on Mother's Day.  And he's right.  It's not a day about me.  It's a day about him/us.  I am grateful and blessed to have this amazing boy in my life.  For Valentine's Day, I put hearts on his door and wrote him sweet messages on each heart about what I love about him. (I haven't taken them down.)  When he was supposed to be in bed and while I was downstairs, he took all of the hearts off his door and put them on mine.  Seriously, he is the sweetest kid ever!  The next morning, he was so excited that he had done that for me and ran into my room to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
For the fourth year in a row, we bought tomato plants and flowers and worked in our garden.  Sidekick loves doing this and it's an activity I enjoy doing with him. He takes his job very seriously and spends the hours by my side helping me.  He's patient, gentle, and proud of his work. 
After our hard work, Sidekick played with some of the older neighborhood boys, we both took showers, went to Red Box to get a movie, curled up together on the sofa, and had pizza for dinner, followed by a 6:45 bedtime.  It was a good day.  It was a day about us.  It was not a day where I needed any fanfare.  It was a perfect day.