Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Already Sunday Night?

What a week!  I made an offer on that house with a contingency, and as I predicted, it was not accepted. The seller didn't want to be "off the market" while I tried to sell my condo.  I immediately put my condo on the market and have two showings. Both people like my place a lot, but wanted to look at other places before making a decision.  While I was chilling out on my sofa today, I got a knock on my door. Someone was thinking the open house was today and not next Sunday.  She explained that her daughter had looked at it yesterday and wanted her mom to look at it, so I let her in.  Why not?  I want to sell this place!  I'm hoping I'll get a contract on my condo and that house will still be available.  I keep reminding myself that if that house is meant to be, then I'll get it.  Keeping this place clean with a dog and a kid is really hard and getting all of us out the door (or just the dog if Sidekick is at school) is really a pain in the ass. 

Sidekick woke up with a horrible diaper rash this morning.  He's never had a diaper rash, so this is all new to me.  I had plenty of things to try (Butt Paste, A&D Ointment, Dr. Smiths) which I used, but after his nap it looked worse.  It became blisters that ruptured and started spreading down the back of his thigh.  Even though he's never had a diaper rash, this is not what I thought one would look like.  He's been very out of sorts and whiny today which was my other indication that something more might be going on.  I called my friend who said that her daughter had something similar and it ended up being Hand Foot and Mouth.  Great.  Coincidentally (or maybe not), there has been a big blister between the fingers that he sucks.  He also has some random "spots"/blisters on other parts of his body. 

I called the doctor on call and she is baffled.  Nothing caused the diaper rash (no diarrhea, new foods, etc.).  It just appeared this morning and has gotten worse.  So, we are not at a standstill with regards to what it is.  If it looks better tomorrow morning after applying Neosporin tonight, then it is most likely a diaper rash.  It more blisters appear overnight, it's Hand Foot and Mouth.  So as of now, I don't know if he'll be going to school tomorrow. He went to sleep before 7:00, so I know he's not feeling well whatever it is.

So between selling my condo and getting kicked out whenever people want to look at it, dealing with a crabby kid with a wicked raw behind, and working the job of two people, life is a bit chaotic!  In typical Sunday night fashion, I need an antidepressant. (Haha!) I hate Sundays.  I hate having to go back to work and leaving my Sidekick (although I may not have to take him to school if his rash isn't better).  I'm always sad on Sunday nights. 

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  1. Ouch, that rash sounds miserable!

    Fingers crossed that you have luck selling your condo!