Sunday, September 8, 2013

From Funk to Homeowner?

Whatever funk I've been in lately has quickly been replaced with the excitement of being a potential homeowner.  I am currently a homeowner of a condo, but I'm ready for a house. Sidekick, dog, and I are running out of space in the condo. I made an offer on a house yesterday and listed my condo also.  Holy craziness!  Of course I had to submit a contingency with the offer because I have to sell my condo, but there have been no offers on the house, so I'm hoping that we can come to some "agreement" on a contract.  It's so exciting but so scary at the same time!  I owe money on my condo which sucks, but I'll come out ahead in the long run because I'd be getting a great deal on this house.  Nonetheless, I'm nervous and my stomach has been in knots because I hope I am doing the right thing. Sidekick and I went to Lowes today to just get an idea of prices to redo my bathroom (his bathroom is new), and I didn't know where to begin I was so overwhelmed  We then looked at carpet.  How do I choose one?  My house would look better with new doors and hardware on all of the rooms, and that quickly adds up.  It became very nerve wracking. 

My realtor asked if I am going to have another baby.  I told her I'm going to buy a house instead and live a great life with Sidekick in our amazing home (hopefully)!  So... I feel like I'm back in the TWW because I'm currently waiting for a counter offer.  Waiting sucks, but if this house is meant to be it'll all work out.  I have to believe that. I had that same belief while trying to conceive Sidekick, and boy did that turn out amazing!  Fingers crossed!


  1. Fingers crossed for you!!! So exciting - and stressful at the same time!

  2. Oh, it's very nerve wracking--best wishes while you are waiting to hear!