Friday, August 8, 2014

Groupon Sucked Me In!

Groupons/Living Socials are great; however, they can really suck me into things! Take for example yesterday...  I got a Groupon for Picture People for $18 which included a photo session and a bazillion sizes of pictures of one "pose".  (I have so many that I'm going to have to start handing them out on the street!)  My mom is in town, so we picked up Sidekick from school and took him to the mall armed with marshmallows to bribe him.  I had very low expectations because he was not cooperating, but lo and behold, the pictures turned out great!  Two hours and $111 later, I walked out with the CD and a huge frame containing three pictures. This is the second time I've taken him for a photo shoot in his 25 months of life, so I guess that wasn't too bad. (I have friends who were doing this every few months which I find crazy.)  Anyway, now that I have the "rights" to these pictures, I'm going to have to figure out what do with all of them.  These are some of my favorites.  I can't believe this sweet boy just turned two!


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