Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peeing... Where?!?!

Sidekick has been waking up dry in the mornings for several months.  I thought this would be a good kick off to potty training.  While he sits on the potty in the morning, I can't seem to encourage him to use it during the day with as much ease.  I bought him mini-Starbursts as a bribe, and most of the time he could care less.  Sunday afternoon, I put him on the potty with a book in his hand.  I walked to the laundry room which is right next to his bathroom, and when I came back he was standing up next to the potty facing the wall.  HE HAD JUST FINISHED PEEING ON THE WALL!!!!  After I got over my initial shocked and he confirmed that he did that, he asked me for a Starburst.  I seriously had to ponder that for a moment because I didn't know if peeing on the wall warranted a Starburst.  He saw my hesitation, sat on the potty, and squeezed out just a little more pee to get that Starburst  I've written it before, and I'll write it again, potty training boys is really messy!!!!

On an unrelated note... Sidekick's school leaves a small treasure box of Dum-Dums for the kids on Fridays.  I've always been able to dodge them without him knowing what they are until last week when he saw his friend with one.  He looked at his friend, looked at the treasure box, looked at me, an said, "Momma. I wanna Sucker-ball!"  I prefer the word lollipop over sucker, so I'm not sure where in the world he came up with Sucker-ball!  The people within earshot just started laughing. 

I've started writing down the funny things he says in a journal, and it's hard to believe how many are already in there. His humor, whether intentional or not, is priceless.  I think he and I will get along really well in the years to come as neither of us seem to take the world too seriously, even when the going gets tough. 

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