Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sidekick's Favorite Book

Sidekick has been obsessed with books every since I started reading to him when he was just an infant.  He can sit in someone's lap for an hour (if someone will let him) and read book after book after book with that person. I love how he responds to certain parts of a book:  "Oh no!"  "What happened?"  "What dat, Momma?"  School is teaching him to read, and he can point to words he knows and tell me what that word is.  It's pretty amazing! 

He goes through phases with a certain book that he must read every night before bed.  I try to deter him from a particular book after several days in a row because I'm so tired of reading it, but he usually won't let up.  His most recent favorite book, which he pulled off the shelf and I had never read to him before, is You are my Wish Come True by Marianne Richmond.  I absolutely love the book, so I'm happy to read it every single night.  It's such a sweet book and I find very appropriate for a SMC and her child.  It's a story about a Momma Bear having a conversation with her son, Barley, about how he was her wish come true.  One of my favorite parts:

"A long time ago, a wish started growing in my heart.  At first, it was a quiet wish that nobody knew.  Then it became an out-loud wish that grew and grew and grew.  Until one day my wish came true."

What SMC couldn't relate to that?  (or any Mom for that matter.)  It reminded me of the long thought process in my head while thinking about being a SMC, then talking to a few people about it, then announcing I was pregnant to the world.  What an incredible and really long journey I have had when it came to conceiving Sidekick.

"I had an empty place in my heart that I wanted to fill with love for a special child like you."

While the book takes a strange turn about their fur being different colors and it seems pretty random, I like everything else about it.  It's such a sweet book, and for whatever reason, it is Sidekick's favorite one for a week straight. Does he make a connection to the book like I do?  Who knows, but I love the fact that he loves it so much. 

To end out special bedtime routine, after I close the book, he turns to look at me, puts his hands together, and says in his sweet little voice, "Have to pray."  I love this kid so much. 

Three years and four days ago, I had my eighth IUI that resulted in Sidekick.  Don't ever give up hope. I finally got my wish come true. 


  1. What a lovely story! I am in my 2WW for my second IUI and this post just gave me such inspiration. Thank you for writing!

    1. Good luck!!!! I know how difficult the TWW is. Stay busy! Hope you get good news soon. Keep me posted.

  2. I've heard of that book within the adoption community....hence the fur being different colors. Also, in adoption it is very common to hear a phrase about a child not being born in a mother's tummy but rather in her heart. I've never actually read it before, but might have to look into it now. Thanks for sharing! We are very into the Lama Lama books, I like that the family consist of Mama Lama and Lama Lama. It is a single mom family just like ours! (can't think of the author's name, but she was a single mom at some point)

    1. There is also a book about adoption by the same author. The one I wrote about talks about Barley being in his momma's tummy (she referred to him as the size of a pickle). So... I'm not sure why the mention of his fur color. Sidekick likes the Llama Llama books also. Why are those books so loved??? I've only read a few, and never put it together that there is no Dad. Thanks for pointing that out.