Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Card

My mom came in town to help me with Sidekick because I had two evening work events and had to work on Saturday.  Since she was here, we decided to take Sidekick's picture for his Christmas card (I can't believe how soon Christmas will be here!).  It is so incredibly difficult to get a picture of him because he is so busy and on the move.  BUT, he was such a trooper and so patient with us as we kept asking him to sit, stand, hold this, touch that, etc.  In the end, I think the card will turn out really well.  This is the front of the card:

This is the inside the card (to the tune of "Jingle Bells"):

Dashing through the year
All I've done is grow
I learned I have no fear
I got lots of bumps to show
I learned to walk and run
Lots of words I say
Life with Momma is so much fun
We laugh a lot each day
I'm 17 months, 17 months
And I don't ever stop
Oh what fun it is to make
My momma wanna drop
I'm 17 months, 17 months
Bein' a good boy is my goal
Hopefully my stocking won't be
Filled with lots of coal

Have a wonderful Christmas
and a happy and healthy new year!
Love, "Sidekick" (and my momma)

This is the back of the card and the caption reads "Having a ball getting ready for Christmas":

On a side note, my mom and I went to brunch today with my friend, her son, and her mom.  As I've mentioned before, Sidekick is a very scheduled kid and has always been a great sleeper.  For whatever reason, he fell asleep five minutes after we got in the car to take my mom to the airport  which was an hour before his normal nap time.  When he falls asleep in the car, I know I am screwed. As soon as I took him out of the car seat, he woke up and would not go to sleep.  After letting him fuss for a while in his crib, I picked him up to try to help him fall back asleep which didn't work because he was being totally goofy and wanted to play, so I put him back in his crib with some books because he really needed to sleep longer which kept him quiet for a whopping 45 minutes. (I've never done that before.  Is that bad?) I've worked a six day work week, evenings included, and I only got a 45 minute break today.  I am so incredibly exhausted, and I am for sure putting this little guy to sleep early!  Momma needs some downtime.  At least I got his Christmas card done.  Mission accomplished.



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  1. What a GREAT Christmas card. It's a real keepsake--way to go!