Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Job Update

I look at that sweet face with such personality, and I have so many captions for it, but right now the most appropriate one is:
"Hmmmmm... What's gonna happen to my momma's job?"
I wrote a couple of weeks ago that my job was up in the air, and right now, it still is. It's difficult to explain to people who don't understand the situation or what I do, but basically there has been a company reorganization, and "they" don't know where to put me.  HR has been involved as well as upper management, and I have been reassured countless times that there is a position for me somewhere.  As a human being (and a SMC), this is very unsettling.  What the hell does "somewhere" mean???!!!  I work out of my home and in the "field" in my home state. It's not like I'm in an office and can move cubicles.  I'm at 153% of my sales goal, so one would think that I would have a position confirmed because of my performance, but apparently that's not the case. 
There were essentially two options for me:  I was going to stay in my same territory but under a different department, or I was going to take over another account executive's territory.  For the latter, the current account executive is on medical leave and I am covering for him, but unfortunately for him, he won't be coming back.  His territory is not very lucrative, so my manager and I have been trying to put together reports for both territories in order to figure out which position is best for me and will keep all of the account executives in my state safe.  In the end, I think we concluded that my current territory, being moved to a different department, is probably the best place for me. 
Yesterday my colleague/friend talked to a different account executive to see if she could get some scoop about his position because of the department in which he currently works.  He told my friend that HE now has my current territory!  No one has told me or my manager this!  WTF?!?!  He doesn't know the product, doesn't live in a good area with regards to where the bulk of the business is...  not to mention the fact that I kicked ass in my current territory.  For the past two or so weeks, I have been calm and collected, but last night I cried after I got off the phone. I feel like I have been strung along.  I feel like my loyalty and success mean nothing.  I feel so belittled right now. 
My manager is on vacation, but I sent him a text message asking him to call me. He called me last night and didn't know anything about this.  He is going to talk to his manager tomorrow to figure out what is going on.  This is such a mess!  I am currently working the job of two people and have no idea what my future holds.  It's so hard to be motivated to work every day.  I'm so afraid I'm going to get stuck in a shitty territory.  I honestly told me manager to just give me a severance package.  I've been with the company for 14 years, so I know I'd get a good package.  If I do get one, I may just pick up and move to be near my family. 
I've always believed that things happen for a reason, so while I'm trying not to panic or be upset or angry about the situation, it's really difficult to have something so out of my control.  And why does something like this always happen during the holidays????


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  1. This sounds so incredibly stressful! I hope that you get some answers soon so at least you have some idea of what's happening next.