Thursday, February 14, 2013

Single Momma + Sick Baby + Work = a Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Sidekick has been a very healthy baby, but this week has proven to be unlucky for him.  This past Sunday he seemed to be on a food strike... didn't seem to worry me. 
  • Monday:  he normally slams an eight ounce bottle when he wakes up, but he kept pushing it away and shaking his head "no". (I'm still not sure when he learned to do that because he's never shaken his head like that, let alone at the right time.)  I work out of my home, and Monday was an office day. Sidekick had two bouts of diarrhea while at school, and two bouts equal going home.  I picked him up early afternoon, and he was fine the rest of the day and all night long. 
  • Tuesday:  Since the rule at school is that they cannot return until 24 hours after his last bout, I was able to bring him in the next day late in the morning which was important because I had an appointment with a customer that I didn't want to miss.  Sidekick was fine all day. 
  • Wednesday: I had a huge sales presentation and was in a hurry that morning. I realized when I was almost to school that I had forgotten his bottles.  I've never done that, and yesterday was not the day for that.  School is 20 minutes round trip from my home, and my presentation was 40 minutes from home. Doing the math, that was going to be a problem, but somehow I made it work and got to the presentation on time.  Phew!  Fifteen minutes before the two hour presentation was over, I had a voicemail from school.  Sidekick had two bouts of really bad diarrhea, and he hadn't eaten much all day.  I called the pediatrician and quickly left the presentation to drive 50 minutes to pick him up. He seemed fine. We went to the doctor where he was diagnosed with norovirus (not a surprise), and he is now drinking soy formula, taking Mylanta before eating, and I sprinkle pro biotic powder in his baby food. 
  • Today, Valentine's Day, he got to spend the day with me due to the 24 hour rule.  He was a good boy, played right next to me on the floor while I worked, took a long nap, and held it together until about 4:45 PM when he had a complete meltdown.  He ate some carrots, took and bath, ate his bottle, and was asleep before 7:00.
I have a busy day tomorrow and have to leave earlier than normal. I'll have to wake up Sidekick and get out the door quickly.  He'll go to school tomorrow and based on the week it's been and the fact that I have a training to attend, he'll probably have two bouts of diarrhea again (even though he's been fine for almost 36 hours), and I'll have to pick him up. This is one of the few times when being a single mom and not having family in the same state is difficult.  But, we've almost made it through a challenging week, and I am in love with my little Valentine more than ever!  Sidekick loves me THIS much!

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