Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sick Momma! (And a Dilemma at School)

Well, it finally happened... the dreadful time when I am sick and have the responsibility of a seven month old.  I felt it coming on yesterday, and thankfully Sidekick was on his best behavior after I picked him up from school.  I went to bed much earlier than normal and was not looking forward to Sidekick waking up in the morning because I had to get him dressed, fed, and off to school.  I had a feeling that I was going to take the day off when I went to sleep which is what I immediately decided to do as soon as I woke up and realized my entire body was achy! I'm pretty sure my scalp even hurt.

I got Sidekick up and out the door so fast so that I could get him to school and take care of myself for the day.  I got home, talked to my friend on the phone, and crawled into bed.  When Sidekick was in infant I rarely napped because I had so much to do (I never listened to the "sleep when baby sleeps" rule), but somehow today I managed to sleep over three hours!  That is such a rarity for me so I knew that I was sick!

I felt a little better when I woke up, so I showered, took my dog for a walk, and picked up Sidekick earlier than planned.  I get Mommy Guilt often when he is at school even though he is rarely there for more than 7 1/2 hours a day.  Nonetheless, even when I'm sick, I still feel like he should be home with me, so my lucky sidekick came home earlier than normal.

My dilemma at school... Sidekick does not nap well when he is there.  He's never been a great napper to begin with (primarily because he's been sleeping 12-13 hours straight since he was nine weeks old), but on the weekends, I've finally got him taking a long afternoon nap.  Anyway, when he started in the classroom he is in now, I typed out a cheat sheet with a "loose" schedule, things he likes, doesn't like, etc.  One of the things I explained is that he takes his morning nap about 2 1/2 hours after waking up in the morning, and he takes his afternoon nap about 2 1/2 hours after waking up from his morning nap.  I've noticed this does not happen at school because his afternoon naps are WAY off.  He's up for about four hours before he takes his afternoon nap.  I think he is overtired and therefore not going to nap well. I need to explain the napping thing to them again in hopes that Sidekick will sleep better than he currently does.

What I liked about this school (I toured 11 of them when trying to decide where I will take Sidekick) is that the babies/kids move by ability (roughly every six months). It's the only place I found that does that. While I loved his teachers in the first classroom, I am not a fan of his teachers now. Sidekick is my baby, but why do I always feel bad asking his teachers to do something for him or even asking them questions about his day (when it really means I'm kind of questioning them)?  Ugh!  Mommy Guilt...

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