Sunday, February 8, 2015

That Ex-Neighbor-Friend!

Remember that neighbor friend that "broke up" with me and Sidekick? 

Breaking up is Hard to Do

Momma Sad


I hate living by her. I really do. I tried to be the big person and reach out again when I sent them a Christmas card.  In it I wrote, "New year, new beginning..."  Again, the door was wide open, and nothing!  Finally, I sent her an email a couple of weeks ago with the subject line "Goodbye".  I told her I was officially saying goodbye to her and our difficult, painful friendship where I was totally and completely used.  I told her that I was trying not to hate her, but because of what she did with no explanation, I do (which I don't make a habit of doing).  I told her I was hopeful that by now she would have strapped on some balls and explained but because she didn't, I was done. I wouldn't have wanted her to be my friend anymore, but at least because we would have hashed things out, we wouldn't be completely uncomfortable around each other. 

I explained that whenever her son, T, sees us, Sidekick hides behind me and will not talk to him no matter how much T tries to talk to him. It's so awkward. When I talk to Sidekick about it later, he tells me that T is not his friend anymore. I try to do the right thing by explaining that even when people aren't our friends, we still need to be nice and say hello to them.  He asked me why... ugh!  I don't F'n know!  It's just the right thing to do. It makes me sad that E has ruined a sweet relationship between T and Sidekick.  It's so unfair to them.

So, guess what? I told her that I'm not going to be nice to them anymore if we see them.  Why should I?  She is such a messed up woman, and I do not condone her behavior nor do I want to teach Sidekick that that behavior of hers is acceptable.  Yes, we'll say hello, but that's it... no more BS talk with her son, especially since Sidekick will not interact with him anymore.  I told her that she has created such an awkwardness in our neighborhood, and that totally sucks.  How's it going to be when a bunch of neighbors are outside and everyone is talking to each other except us?  Because I'm the newbie to the neighborhood, who knows how this will go.

While I the premise of my email was to say goodbye because I thought it would make me feel better, it didn't. It was a beautiful weekend, so we were outside playing a lot. We were in the cul-da-sac where all the kids gather, which happens to be where their house is.  E's husband came out to leave, so I grabbed Sidekick's bike to get it out of the way, and we didn't even glance at each other.  I just wanted to yell, "You two need to grow the F up!"  If they didn't live just doors down from us, I wouldn't care, but their presence in our neighborhood is really hard for me.  We are very outdoorsy people, so we are always out.  It makes me sick. 

Here's the thing... I know she is f'd up (her words), she admitted it to me many times.  I know she had a lot of shit to deal with.  I get all of that, but being used like I was and then being dumped is so incredibly hard and totally sucks. Seriously, who does what she did?  In my entire life, I honestly can't think of anything remotely similar to what she did.  Ridiculous. 

I'm dreading spring when we all tend to be outside and at some point, we'll actually be in each other's presence.  I feel like I'm in middle school again, but this is actually far worse.  Is she truly happy that she's done this?  Does she feel as awkward as I am being outside in our neighborhood?  This is so incredibly stupid and so incredibly immature. They wanted to move a while ago but were afraid that they wouldn't get what they needed to out of their house.  Every day I hope I will see a "For Sale" sign in their yard.  That would solve everything.

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  1. I'm so sorry. The whole situation totally sucks, and even more so because it doesn't have to be that way. She sucks.