Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Singles Awareness Day

aka Valentine's Day. It's a day I've never really gotten into, but seeing the flowers, gifts, etc. on Facebook that friends got makes me feel a little jealous. Why is it so hard to find a guy?  Oh yeah!  Because dating sucks!  I've tried online dating sites with no success.  None.  Zero. Zilch. I haven't been on a date since before Sidekick was born, and I'd sure like to go on one. Soon. Seriously, as much as I hated dating prior to Sidekick, I'd really like to have a date now. I'd love to sit across the table from a guy and have a great conversation, while drinking a glass of wine and laughing.

Sidekick had soccer yesterday and he brought Valentines to some of his friends on his team.  It was fun and he was so excited to give them to them.  We were going to go bowling for the first time with my friends and their two sons, but when we got there the wait was close to two hours, so we quickly changed our plans and went to Chuck E Cheese, which was a new place for Sidekick.  He had so much fun and quickly learned how to put the coins in the games/rides.  He was so happy. Watching him reminded me how much I just adore my boy, so screw Valentines Day!  If I had waited for that guy to come along, I wouldn't have Sidekick. 

Although Sidekick informed me that his friend at school, H, is his Valentine, after I gave him a kiss, he said, "I like hugs, Momma.  Kisses are not great.  But I love you."  So whether I have a grown up Valentine or not, I have my boy, and he is the greatest, most amazing part of my life.  I'd hate to wonder where my life would be now if he wasn't part of it. 

Below is a picture of three Valentine's Days in row. It's fun to see how he's changed. This boy is by far my favorite boy in the whole wide world.  Maybe a great guy will come into our lives someday soon and grow with us.

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