Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two Years ago Today...

... I conceived Sidekick.  It's a date I'll always remember.  I was out of sperm (after this try), out of patience, out of hope, and out of my mind!  I was so done after this try.  I triggered the night before I ran a half marathon, and after every couple of miles, I had a talk with my eggs (yes, there was more than one), to not jiggle out until the next morning when my IUI was scheduled.  I was so worried they'd come loose after running 13.1 miles. 

I walked in to the RE the next morning for my eighth, and what was going to be my last, time.  I just never thought that this "last" one would actually take.  My goal was to be pregnant by the time I was 38, and this IUI was 17 days before that big day.  I had wacky betas and had to deal with unexpected news.  To catch up on the craziness, follow this link:

I Must be in a Dream

Happy two year conception, Sidekick!

One Day Old and I was Already in Love


  1. Such a special day! And such a great story that you ran a half the day before your IUI. That had to be what made this cycle the one that worked!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! It's just another day to celebrate this little guy.

  2. Yep, it's a special day! The great part about having conceived in this way is you know you conceived THIS day. :)