Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sidekick is ALL Boy!

I love that Sidekick is all boy!  I love that he has no fears, loves to wrestle, and now I've found out, he loves to get dirty.  My sister gave me her amazing camera when she bought a new one, and I've been so intimidated by it and all it's functions that I haven't really used it.  Last night was a beautiful night, so we went outside to play, and I let him have fun, explore, and get dirty. I found that it's much more fun to take pictures of him now that he actually does things like... move around!  : )  Surprisingly, I ended up with a few good pics (below).  I guess using a good camera requires a lot of practice (and patience with a 15 month old).  Maybe I'll go out and try again tonight.  I have to figure out why some pictures were darker than others, how to get the flash to go off when needed, how to edit, etc.  Now I have another thing on my long list of things to do. 

Throwing mulch and sticks (you can't really see it all in his hair)

Digging in the Dirt like a Dog (I think he needs a non-furry sibling). 
See the dirt in the air under his butt??? 

Showing his independence and walking away
(although still looking back for his momma!)

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  1. Great photos--I take a lot of photos of my boys walking away from the camera, I love the effect. Enjoy your little BOY!