Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Singing Potty

Sidekick is only 15 months old, but for whatever reason, when going down the diaper aisle and the potties were right there, I decided to get one since they were staring me in the face.  Later that night, I put Sidekick on the potty for shits (haha) and grins and lo and behold, he peed!  Since I didn't really have him sitting in the "right" position for the splash guard to do it's job, most of his pee ended up on the floor (oh well!), but I still cheered and he clapped (not really understanding what all of the commotion was about).  Since then, he'll walk to the bathroom door and scream until I open it to let him in.  He walks in, lifts the lid, and sits on his potty.  I don't bother taking his diaper off, but who cares if he sits on it.  I'm kind of shocked he's interested in it.

Last night I put him on it before bath, and we sang some songs.  Next thing I knew, the potty started singing songs and scared the crap (haha!) out of us!  Since Sidekick kind of missed the splash guard the first time, we didn't get to experience the music which goes off when liquid hits the sensor.  Since I didn't know that he had actually peed while singing my goofy rendition of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes", I was shocked that the potty started singing. We kind of stared at each other freaked out.  I was afraid that Sidekick was now afraid of the potty, but after bath, he wanted to sit on it again, so I think he and Potty are still friends. 

For 11 years, I have said to Dog, "Let's got potty" before taking her outside.  My furry child and my human child are now starting to respond to that.  My poor dog is going to think that we are going to be going outside a lot.  It doesn't matter what room we are in when I say that to Sidekick, Dog comes running!  Poor Dog gets so excited when she hears those words, and even when I whisper things, her bat ears hear them also.  : (

Who knows if this is a fluke, but I'm going to keep putting him on the potty every night before bath to see if he really "gets" it. 


  1. That's funny about the dog responding, too! I taught my dog to go #2 on walks when I said, "Get Busy". Then I became a teacher and started saying that to middle schoolers who were slacking in the classroom!

  2. That's about the same way we started with potty training - it worked for us!