Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas Wrap Up

Okay, so I just read my last post about my f'd up Christmas Eve, and boy did I get a chuckle out of it!  I typed it up in such anger and frustration, and I never read what I actually typed until just now.  It really did make me laugh because I was reliving the chaos of what it was like to be a Momma to a toddler on my not-so-perfect Christmas Eve.  Thank you to those who responded and made me feel better.  I guess I am just taken aback when Sidekick behaves in a way that is so out of the norm for him, and the fact that it happened on Christmas Eve just make the situation worse.  It truly was a time when I felt like I failed as a mom and that really bothered me. But I am glad I wrote about it in the midst of my frustration because I can see the humor in it all now. 

I did a "fancy" dinner out of guilt.  My mom gave me a hard time awhile ago because I don't really like the holidays, and therefore Sidekick will never really "experience" Christmas.  I felt like he would "experience" it through my family's typical Christmas Eve dinner so I made it.  I know the had no idea that it was any different than any other dinner he eats (trust me, that dinner was a huge step up!), but I can at least I thought I would feel good that I did my best to show him what Christmas is all about, even if it was an epic fail!

Christmas day was fine.  For the first time ever, Sidekick understood what opening presents is all about, so he enjoyed unwrapping everything.  We Skyped my mom, sister, and her family and opened presents with each other.  In all honesty, Christmas day felt like any other day, except there was wrapping paper involved.  Sidekick got a three wheel "scooter", so after nap, it was so nice outside, so we went outside to try it out.  He hopped on that thing and acted like he had been riding it for months.  He looked like a pro and such a big boy!

Christmas is kept to a minimum as I don't believe he should be flooded with a bazillion presents.  He also got a couple of play dough "kits", some puzzles, a bucket of musical instruments (this Momma is hoping some of them get lost- haha!), and a Duplo set, and we haven't played with half of them.  I guess I'm just spreading out the gifts for a snowy day when we are trapped. 

And finally... potty training sucks!!!!!  This is the one and only thing I have freaked out about ever since becoming a parent.  He's been in underpants for eight days now.  He has been dry every single one of those days, but the kid does not know how to time the pooping thing.  For whatever reason, he poops every other day now, so in those eight days, he's pooped one time in the bath tub and three times in his underpants.  I'm seriously at my wits end!  It frustrates me so much! He understands that he poops in the potty, but I think he can't figure out how to make it to the potty in time.  As soon as he starts, he gets upset because he knows it's "wrong".  I know that I'm not supposed to punish him for accidents, but I have resorted to taking his 20 minutes of TV away from him when he poops anywhere but the potty.  Call me a horrible parent.  No TV is the one thing that has seemed to be something that really bothers him, so hopefully he'll figure all of this out sooner rather than later.

So while my little guy is still being a handful, my fingers are crossed that we will be back on track very soon. Once he gets back into our normal routine, life will hopefully go back to normal. He's a kid that thrives on routine, and his routine is out of whack right now (as is his momma!).

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  1. My brother was like that. My Mom took a weekend and had him go naked while feeding poop inducing foods. Having no place to poop (undies) forced him to use the potty. Might be worth a shot.