Thursday, December 11, 2014


Whistle is Sidekick's Elf.  My sister gave him Elf on the Shelf when he was five months old, so that I would have it when Sidekick was "ready".  I decided to try it last week, and Sidekick loves it. Shockingly, he finds him right away every morning.  I don't hide it in really hard places, but he definitely has to search for him.  Plus, we have the read the book every f'n night!!!! 

Sidekick woke up about 30 minutes earlier (6:45) than normal this morning asking for water. He's never done that. Since we were at the point of no return, I just got him up and he started his day earlier.  He went potty, and when I turned on his bedroom light to get him dressed, I found this:

Yep!  That's Whistle's hat on Sidekick's hat rack, but Whistle was on the floor!  I quickly ushered Sidekick out of his room asking him to turn off his bathroom light, picked up Whistle, put his hat back on, and hung him from his arms.  Lesson learned... Whistle's hat is not glued on very well.  As soon as Sidekick walked into the room, he saw Whistle.  Phew!
What I think is funny is that Whistle's hat remained on the hat rack!  I guess he just felt like he shouldn't be there with all of the other hats. 
On a side note, I have found Christmas to be more fun now that Sidekick is older.  He loves to look at Christmas lights.  He loves reading Christmas books.  He loves watching the Christmas specials on TV.  He loves Whistle, and that he will report back to Santa every night.  He loves the excitement of it all. Once again, I love seeing the world through his eyes because it gives me a while new perspective.  

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