Monday, July 28, 2014

Things that Sidekick Does that Make me Smile

After my last couple of "blah" posts and being in a funk the past week or so, I decided that I needed to remember things about Sidekick that make me happy, make me laugh, or just put a smile on my face.  Sidekick has amazing vocabulary, but now he is stringing words together which is getting so fun (and at times, very entertaining). 

  • I love that "Momma" gets put into so much of what he says now:  "Momma sit", "Momma eat", "Momma no"
  • I love when he says, "Momma hand" and reaches for mine to take me on an adventure with him, even if it's just to his room. 
  • I love that it takes him a while to pick out the two books he wants to read before bedtime.  He will grab two, and then sometimes he changes his mind, and will switch out one or both books. 
  • I love that we sing "Rock a Bye Baby" several times every night before bedtime (what a horrible song by the way), and each time he puts someone or something "in the treetop" besides baby.
  • We've been in our new home for one month, and every time I pick him up from school, he comes running towards me yelling, "New home!".  Every morning when we pull out of the garage he says, "Bye bye new home. Love you."
  • The other night after reading books before bedtime and sitting in the rocking chair, Sidekick put his head on my shoulder, started patting my back, and kept saying, "Patting Momma". 
  • I decided to watch "Finding Nemo" with him and spread it out over several days.  The day we watched Nemo go down the drain in the dentist's office, Sidekick started screaming "Oh no!" and crying.  How was he able to process that "that" might be a bad, scary thing?
  • We had a lot of rain a while ago, so the field in which we play has a lot of mushrooms.  Sidekick is terrified of them!  He says, "Ewwww, yucky!" and won't even walk around them.  In fact, most things that don't look "right" to him, he says, "Ewww, yucky!"
  • He has always been a kid who thrives on routine. When I tell him it's bath time, he goes into his bathroom, opens up the cabinet, gets a wash cloth and the color tablets that change the color of the water, and brings it all to me.
  • He loves the magnetic letters on the refrigerator.  I can sit on my sofa and ask him to bring me a specific letter, and he will bring me each one until every letter is gone.  (This game can go on a long time which is a really good thing when I need to kill time.)
  • When I ask him if Momma loves him, he replies in a high pitched, silly voice, "Nooooo."
  • He insists on Dog being upstairs with us when we read books before bed time.  He will yell for her and then tell her "down" when she arrives.  Before he goes to sleep, he gives her a big hug and tells her he loves her. 
  • When he plays Peekaboo... after he covers my eyes or his eyes, he says, "Ah-boo!"  (Not sure where the "peek" is.)
  • He is a very polite boy and uses please and thank you all the time.  He's also using "Love you" a lot regardless of him referring to an actual person or an inanimate object (new home, basketball, car, etc.).  The other day after checking out at Autozone, he said, "Thank you, nice man.  Love you."  (I think I need to start teaching him the appropriate times to use "Love you".) 
So... in the midst of my funk, I'm glad that I can find joy in this little guy who seriously brings me so much happiness during mundane every day ins and outs of life.


  1. He sounds like an absolute blessing. I am so glad he is in your life!

  2. Such a wonderful post - the last one made me laugh. This is the perfect thing to write to raise your spirits - I'll need to remember this idea. :)

    Your boy sounds like such a sweet soul.