Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome Home!

We have been in our new home for one week.  What I thought would be about a four hour move turned into a 6 1/2 hour move.  I guess living on the third floor of my condo slowed the movers down because of the stairs.  What's crazy is that I had already moved all of the closets, kitchen, and most of Sidekick's toys, and it still took that long!  Once the movers got everything loaded on the truck, it was smooth sailing at the new home. 

From our first night here, Sidekick has acted like we've been in this new home his whole life. When I woke him up after our first night here, he looked at me and said in his sleepy, quiet voice, "New home."  When I pick him up from school, he immediately runs to me and says, "New home."  His teachers told me that he always talks about his "new home".  He loves this place and has adjusted perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better transition.

We went to the "old home" as Sidekick calls it a couple of days ago to pick up something I had shipped to my friend since I wasn't sure where to ship it based on the timing of the move.  Sidekick immediately went up the stairs, knocked on my friend's door, and when it was time to leave, he said "New home" and walked back down the stairs instead of go to our condo.  It's amazing how much this little guy understands. 

We are pretty much unpacked with the exception of boxes of crap that I'd rather throw away than keep.  I've just been procrastinating with unpacking because nothing really has a home.  It's just odds and ends of crap!  We have so much additional space in this new place, and I can't quite figure out where all of this crap was in my 1000 square foot condo, but we have somehow filled up our new home (1700 square feet, a two car garage and a basement). I love all of the space!

Sidekick's birthday is in a few days, and I can't believe he is going to be two!  Although, in his head he's been two for a few months because that's what he's been telling people.  We aren't doing anything special.  I'll pick up a cupcake for him and will put a two candles on it, and I got him a small present.  While he is starting to understand what a birthday party is, he isn't going to have one.  I'll bring cupcakes to school, so he can have a little celebration there and one with me at home. I just don't feel like he needs to have a big fan fair at two years old. Last year I started a tradition with him that I'll carry through every year.  I'll post that and pics next week.  I'm sure I'll reminisce all about his crazy delivery, his awesome two years of life, and how amazing and perfect he is. I am the luckiest Momma in the world. 


  1. Happy Early Birthday, Sidekick!

    Congratulations on your new home - it does feel great to be somewhere you can spread out, doesn't it?

  2. Congratulations! I just found your blog! Looking forward to reading! I'm at