Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tears and Reminiscing

Sidekick will be two years old in just two short days.  Where has the time gone?  After I put him to sleep tonight, I went in the trunk where I have of his baby stuff and read through all of the cards I have received since the baby shower.  We were, and always have been, surrounded by such love and support. I've always been amazed at how much people have embraced my little family.

I loved being pregnant and I loved having a newborn.  (I know, many people think I'm crazy.)  I felt so important and special when I was pregnant-- I mean, seriously! I was growing a human being inside me for goodness sakes!  What could be more important than that??? I loved the newness of a newborn and learning about who this little creature that grew inside me for 39 weeks is.  He was full of wonder from the day he was born. He amazed me by his calmness and the way he just looked deep into my soul like he knew something about me that no one knows. 

As I've written before, because of finances, Sidekick will be my only child.  As we are fast approaching the big T-W-O, I am so sad that I will never experience all of that amazing stuff ever again.  Ever!  I want another baby.

So while I gear up to celebrate Sidekick's second birthday, I hope that I can celebrate this amazing little guy, and not dwell on the fact that it's going too fast and I'll never get it back.  It makes me really sad. Ugh! Does anyone else feel that way?  Will it ever go away?

On a side note, Sidekick went to his first parade and had so much fun (and he also got to eat a lollipop for the first time). You'd think he had just discovered gold.  I love this kid!

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  1. Oh, he's so handsome!

    I don't know that it ever goes away. I actually dislike the newborn period, and even yet, I find myself feeling sad that's it's over, even with two kids. But at least it does keep us grounded in trying to enjoy every minute we can, right?