Monday, January 2, 2012

Time's a Flyin'

I am currently 12w1d which makes me feel pretty safe that this pregnancy is a go!  It's crazy to think that I'm almost 1/3 of the way through.  I am about 6 1/2 months from my due date, and while that normally seems like a long way away, to me, it seems like it'll be here too quickly!

I had my first trimester screening and things look good.  The baby was moving its arms and legs which is so surreal!  While trying to get good pictures of the Nuchal fold, the baby wouldn't cooperate.  It was so comfy and cozy that it just wanted to remain in the position that it was in.  I had to actually get off the table to jump up and down to see if it would move.  That was unsuccessful.  Finally with painful poking and prodding with the transducer (is that what it's called?), it finally turned a bit to get a good view.  Either I have a really stubborn baby or I have a really laid back baby.  I'm sure hoping for the latter! 

I had a really nice Christmas with my family in Florida.  I was not feeling all that great, but I made it through, I think in part because I was too busy to feel lousy.  It was strange to think that I'll have a five month old with me next year for Christmas.  Yikes!  Since returning home, my all day sickness has just been brutal!  While I caved and got some Reglan before Christmas, it just doesn't seem to do the trick.  Nothing does.  I keep thinking that since I am almost in my second trimester, it should go away any day now.  I've lost about eight pounds, but I have put two pounds back on.  It's kind of nice that I'm down in weight before I put a lot on! 

I've told a couple of people who didn't even know I was doing this.  They were excited about it and know that I can do this.  It was nice to get a vote of confidence.  I don't plan on telling work people until next month.  Since I work out of my home and don't see colleagues very often, it is easy to "hide" my pregnancy.  I am waiting for my annual review and sales goal before I break the news.  I just don't want anything to be held against me.  Maybe I am being a bit paranoid, but since I am doing something unconventional, I just don't want things held against me.  I actually have to go out of town for a company meeting next week, and unless my belly decides to really pop, I should be able to hide it.  There might be some questions about why I'm not having a glass of wine with dinner, but I'll be able to brush that off somehow.  

So, there's a brief update for what's been going on.  I'll try to get better about updating more often! 

Happy New Year! 

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