Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Galloping Horse Broke Down my Wall of Fear!

I had my four week check-up at 15w4d.  I got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler and it definitely sounded like a horse galloping!  It was such a relief to know that my baby is okay.  I seem to get nervous every once in a while because since I can't feel it move yet, I'm always worried that something might have happened.   I also had my second trimester blood screening.  They combine this with the first trimester bloodwork and NT scan to determine my risk for genetic problems like Downs, Trisomys, etc.  The first screen went well, so I am hopeful that I'll get the same great news.  Nevertheless, I'm still nervous for the results. 

I made my appointment for the anatomy scan three weeks from tomorrow. It's crazy that I'll know if I'm going to raise a boy or a girl.  I've not been anxious about finding out, so I'm not too concerned about time dragging.  My mom will be there for that ultrasound, and I know she is excited to see the baby.  That weekend we'll be busy shopping and planning for my boy or girl.  I seem to always guess what my friends are having, but with me, I haven't a clue.  I first thought it was a boy, then I switched to a girl, and now I have no guess.  It'll be exciting to find out!

This galloping horse broke down my wall of fear of telling my manager and colleagues. If this unconventional pregnancy has taught me anything, it's to not assume I know the way people will react. My manager was great and immediately congratulated me. He even reminded me that his in-laws live here, and he'd be happy to introduce me to them if I ever need help. (I work out of my home, and my manager lives in another part of the state.). I then sent out an email to my work friends. The responses I received made me cry!!! This baby all of a sudden was surrounded by so much love. People were so excited for me. I even copy and pasted eveyone's emails to me in a Word document so that I can add it to the baby book. It just made me so happy to share the news with everyone.

Since close friends and colleagues know, the next step was to announce it on Facebook. At that point, my news officially became public!  It's so much more exciting now that people in my life know.  It's been strange to carry this secret with me for 16 weeks. I am humbled by the positive responses and support I have received.  This baby is so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

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