Thursday, May 7, 2015

Running into the Neighbor's Son

Now that it's super warm outside, Sidekick and I go outside as often as possible.  Our evenings involve coming home from school, playing outside, eating dinner, playing outside for a few more minutes, bath and bed.  Time flies when you're having fun!

We were in the cul-da-sac last night playing with a Frisbee. Crazy neighbor's son came out to the get mail and was so excited to see Sidekick.  He immediately ran towards him and yelled, "Sidekick, I haven't seen you in so long!!!"  So I replied with "Well, if your mom wasn't such a f'n lunatic, you would have seen us all the time like you used to."  Okay... so I didn't really say that, but I sure wanted to yell that loudly enough for his mom to hear. 

Anyway, Sidekick was so excited to see him and together they ran around so happy throwing and chasing a Frisbee.  It's strange to see Sidekick interacting differently than he did seven months ago (yes, it's been that long).  He's just so much older.  Less toddler, more preschooler.  He played so well last summer/fall, but he now just seems bigger, more independent and confident, and stronger. It was also the first time since my neighbor-friend turned into a freak and cut all ties with us that Sidekick didn't ignore her son or hide behind me whenever he saw the boy.  Sidekick was so happy to have his "best friend" back in his life.  <sigh>

In a strange way, I felt sad.  Sad that Sidekick lost a good friend. Sad that I invested so much time and energy with this crazy woman and our friendship ended so abruptly and out of the blue.  Sad that I allowed Sidekick to get close to this family. But I guess that's just life.

I have to remind myself that since they are moving (hopefully soon!), they will be out of our lives forever, and I no longer have to worry about running into them. I won't have to be sad anymore about the situation.  I don't miss my neighbor-"friend" anymore, and I haven't for a long time.  I just hate them being several doors down from us.  I'm ready for this chapter to end.  I don't want Sidekick's emotions to be messed with as this boy enters his life off and on.  If this is what it's going to be like with this boy spending time with Sidekick off and on until they move, it's going to be pretty uncomfortable and pretty awful... especially since his parents will never show their faces.  Why do they let their son play with Sidekick???? 

Please say a prayer to the real estate Gods that a great family moves into their house soon.  Very soon.

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