Sunday, May 10, 2015

First Trip to the ER and Mother's Day

Which to start with first???  Well, I'll take it in order, which means I'll write about Sidekick's first trip to the ER. Before I begin, he's fine. He's been mentioning that he tummy hurts for about two weeks.  He's been acting totally fine and eating great so I blew it off.  At his Mother's Day party at school, he kept mentioning it, and would double over for a bit.  I asked him if he had to go potty, and he pooped a little.  I had thought that he was constipated, so we continued our evening with friends at the children's museum.  Off and on, he would double over, cry, and tell me he tummy hurt.  I kept taking him to the bathroom, but he just wouldn't poop. As quickly as he would double over in pain, he would rally again.  The entire time, he was pale and clammy, and he finally asked to go home (not normal).  My friend told me he was definitely not his normal self and that he just looked miserable.
We got home and he was crying in pain, I decided to call the after hours line at his doctor's office.  I was told to go to the ER immediately because his symptoms were pretty indicative of a pretty serious problem.  We hopped in the car at about 7:30 and he fell asleep... I think because he was so exhausted from being in pain.  When we got there, he seemed better (of course!).  He was enthralled with the whole ER experience.  The nurse, xray tech, and doctor were great, and he loved them all.  In the end, he was just constipated like I had assumed (even though he was pooping) and had some gas bubbles floating around his intestines.  My kid shows no pain... he's never had a problem with teething (I never actually knew he was getting teeth until they were in), he's had several double ear infections while acting totally fine, and has fallen on his forehead more times than I can count on two hand resulting in massive goose eggs... none of which has really fazed him.  So, when this happened, I knew he was hurting.  After he checked out okay with nothing major, he got his first popsicle and kept telling me that the hospital is not a scary place.  I was so proud of his courage and ability to just go with the flow.  He's now drinking Miralax, and it's helping a little bit.  The last time he's told me his stomach hurt was this morning, so that's progress!
Mother's Day... since I am a SMC, I have to make our own plans.  I'm sick of women bitching on FB about how much their husbands suck on Mother's Day.  I just want to tell them to quit their whining and be grateful they have a husband who contributes one way or the other to their family.  I decided that we were going to have a special day and break all rules...
I had to wake Sidekick up at 8:15, which was great.  I took him to his first movie, and he was awe at the size of the screen.  We then went to get flowers, herbs, and tomatoes to plant.  I decided on the way home that we were going to blow off nap (a very, very rare occurrence) and have fun all day.  We planted everything, had a water fight, took a bath, played superhero (new idea of his as of today), went to get ice-cream 30 minutes BEFORE dinner, had dinner, watched a 30 minute show, and he was in bed at 7:00.  It was a wonderful day. 
When we were having breakfast this morning he said, "It's all about the bass AND Momma and... Sidekick".  I just loved him so much at that moment because the day was really about us (and apparently the Bass-- haha!), not just me because without him, this day wouldn't be a day for me to celebrate.
When I laid him in his crib tonight, he said to me, "Momma, you did a great job reading my books.  I adore you, and I will always keep you safe."  Could that kid have said anything better to me on Mother's Day?  Seriously, this boy is amazing.  I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day as much as I did. I never thought it would be as awesome and special as it was.  I don't care how dirty my house is, how I have no groceries, or how I didn't get all of the laundry done. It may have been one of the best days we've had in a long time. 


  1. He really sounds like an amazing kid! Old soul.

  2. I'm so glad he us okay! And that comment at bedtime? Incredible! What a sweet, sweet boy! So happy for you !