Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Dating Scene as a Single Momma

Since my little Sidekick is one, I feel like it's time to start joining the dating world again, so I joined an online dating site. As soon as I joined, I immediately freaked out about who would take care of Sidekick if/when I go on a date (as if all these guys would be begging me for dates- ha!).  I don't have family here, and I don't have any babysitters (not to mention that babysitters are really expensive!), so of course dating all of a sudden seemed like a challenge.  The next thing that worried me is how in the world do I trust a guy I met online... let alone trust a guy with your child???!!  It was challenging enough to date while just being single with no ties, but now that Sidekick is in my life, that add a whole new level of challenge/difficulty. 

During my first week of online dating, I found it very depressing. Dating sucks!  The ones I'm "interested" in don't seem to be interested in me, and the ones that seem to be flooding my inbox are men in their late 50's and early 60's!  I'm not looking for a Sugar Daddy, I'm looking for a potential husband and daddy (not a grandpa) for my son.  I'm not a model, but I'm certainly not an ugly woman.  What are guys looking for?  I think I'm a pretty good catch: athletic/thin, fiscally responsible (almost anal about it!), outgoing, great sense of humor, loyal, and has my shit together.  What in the world is a guy looking for???!!!!  My good guy friend told me that I'm great for a guy because I have no daddy drama for him to be intimidated by and I have my shit together.  If so, then why isn't my inbox full?  This is so depressing.  I'm just so happy I've got my sidekick because he is the love of my life!

Any other SMC out in the dating world?

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  1. I just came across your blog. I look forward to catching up on your life with Cooper. Ughhh dating my son is only 3 months, so I am not ready but I have the same concerns! It is depressing! Good luck!