Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Welcome to Toddlerhood, Momma!"

For some reason, because Sidekick was such an easy baby, I just assumed that we would flow into his second year of life the same way.  What I failed to remember is that he doesn't come into the world knowing how to act, behave, etc. I didn't think that I would be teaching him how to behave at a young age.  I didn't know he would have such an opinion about things and then get pissed off when he didn't get his way. I didn't know the frustration he would have when he couldn't tell me what he wanted.  I didn't know he would know how to throw a temper tantrum at 12 months old.  And I certainly didn't know that "No" would be funny to him!  How is it that he already knows how to test me???  Does a switch get turned on when they turn one and all of this just begins???  I swear it all  happened on his 366th day of life!  (By the way, this was his first time using his new seat, and I was in the process of cleaning the high chair. Perhaps he had a new sense of freedom because there was less to "trap" him.  Also, he was eating spaghetti beforehand which is why he has nothing on but a diaper.  I mention this because I have a "issue" with babies wearing just a diaper.)


  1. LOL! It only gets worse from here!

    Though, to be honest, they do learn to listen. Some.

  2. I agree about the switch being flipped, and suddenly that sweet innocent baby disappears! While I don't have my dogs anymore (one passed away, and the other needed to be re-homed due to his behavior towards my son), it might be easier to move the dog away so that Cooper doesn't try to feed him/her. I often found that my dogs listened better than my son at times!