Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Bottle Ever!

I stopped daytime bottles cold turkey when Sidekick was 10 1/2 months old.  I was thrilled that it was so easy because he didn't seem to miss them.  I also felt like I had more freedom because he could now give himself formula in sippy cups.  Two nights ago, I gave him his last bedtime bottle.  I filled it up to eight ounces in hopes that he would take it all (he normally takes six ounces) so it would take longer.  I wanted to savor that moment since it would be the last bottle I ever give my child (Sidekick will be my only child).  He pushed it away after about four ounces and he was done!  What????  I wanted more time to feed him that bottle. I wanted more time to take in that moment one last time.  I wanted to see his sweet, content face while he drank that bottle one last time.  I still cried a bit knowing that this is yet another reminder that he is growing up fast.

Last night was our first night without the bottle. He climbed onto my lap while I sat in the glider and we read a few books (he is obsessed with books).  I purposely haven't read books to him before bedtime because I wanted that to be our new bedtime routine when the bottles went away.  After reading the books, I sat with him for a few minutes, laid him in his crib awake, and he calmly laid there until he drifted off to sleep after about ten minutes.  That was it!  It was so easy!  I expected a fight.  I expected tears.  Yet again, my little sidekick proves to me what a good "baby" he is.

On a side note, I transitioned him to milk this weekend.  While I know some kids have a difficult time doing this, Sidekick drinks the milk like a champ!  However, today he woke up with diarrhea and has had a couple more bouts.  The mystery is is that from the milk, vaccinations, or is he actually sick?  If it's not under control, school won't allow him to come/stay and this momma needs him to go to school tomorrow!  Let's hope it subsides today...


  1. Is it just me that is having a hard time figuring out the balance of if I'm giving him enough milk? Too much milk? Why won't he drink water? I thought he wasn't supposed to get juice, but he won't drink water, maybe I should give him juice? Are his diapers wet enough? This transition into toddlerhood is confusing!

    I hope Cooper is feeling better!

  2. Haha!!!! You are so right! It's so hard to figure it all out, and I'm always worried he's not getting enough fluids. I agree, no juice. Cooper is actually really sick, and has been home from school since Monday afternoon. Not sure what is wrong with him but he has a high fever, diarrhea (guess it wasn't from the milk), and a rash on his body. There's nothing worse than a clingy, miserable one year old.