Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Could I Love Someone This Much?

Sometimes I find myself so crazy in love with my little Sidekick that I can't stand it!  I never knew I could love a little being from the minute he was born and put in my arms. (I was so afraid that I wouldn't have that feeling right away, but I was reassured by many that it's okay if I didn't.) Of course I love him when he makes me laugh because he's so funny, when he gives me open mouthed kisses, when he crawls on my lap to read a book he has brought me, and when he points to my Bose saying "mo, mo, mo" and then starts dancing.  But I'm always surprised when I still find myself loving him during sleepless nights when he is sick, during his tantrums, when he feeds the dog from his high chair and laughs when I tell him "no", when he unplugs the bathtub and gets angry when I take the plug away from him, and when he challenges me what seems like 95% of the time. 

There have been several times when I walk into his room while he is sleeping, stare at him for awhile still amazed that he is mine, and then end up picking him up.  I think I might have a disorder of some sorts because the urge to do this will sometimes overtake me!  : )  I just get a sudden need to hold his warm, sweet smelling body.  I've done this several times for a few minutes and then lay him back down without him even knowing I have done it. 

I had a long work day yesterday and we left home much earlier than normal, so I had to wake up Sidekick to get him ready.  He literally fell asleep in my lap at 6:30 PM while I was reading bedtime stories to him. (I had wondered why he was so quiet because he is not a quiet kid.)  I missed him so much because I was away from him longer than I normally am, that hours after he fell asleep, I had to pick him up and hold him.  Gosh, I love this kid!  It's an indescribable feeling, and I am so incredibly lucky and blessed that I get to experience this! 

Am I the only one who does crazy things like this?


  1. I'm a teacher so today was my first day back at work in 2 months. Around 2 o'clock, I missed my sons so much I was in physical pain. I wondered how all the other teachers could go on working. I don't think it's just an SMC thing but maybe it is...

    1. Hope the first few days of work got easier for you. I'm sure you had a great weekend with your boys!