Sunday, March 27, 2011

Naming my Baby's Donor...

As I sat holding my Meggan's newborn baby the other night, we were trying to figure out if she has her mom or dad's features. I made a joke about doing that with my baby and saying, "He/she has my eyes and 11429's nose." We laughed about it. When I told my friend, Laura, the story the next day, she decided my baby's Donor needs a name. She decided that based on the title of his profile that he should be named John. I don't have a John in my life, so all of a sudden my baby's daddy is now John. Naming my baby's daddy somehow made it more personal and less clinical. Now when I hold my baby in my arms, I can say, "He/she has my eye's and John's nose." I think that was a great idea my friend had!

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