Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Potty Training

It seems crazy to think about potty training Sidekick when he will be two years old next month, but for the past three weeks, he was woken up dry after 12+ hours.  The kid has a better bladder than I do!  When he wakes up, he sits on the potty and pees so incredibly much.  I have no idea how he held it all in for so long.  I'm not actively potty training him, but school puts him on the potty after they change his diaper, which seems a little counterintuitive to me. Anyway, when he wakes up dry from nap or bedtime, he'll sit on the potty and pee.  Sometimes he'll sit on it before bath.  He always tells me right after he has peed and pooped in his diaper, so he's aware of everything. That's the extent of our potty training.  But... maybe it's time to do more???

I've heard to stay away from pull-ups because they are essentially diapers in his mind and serve no logical reason to use them. I've heard a lot of success stories (nephews, friends) that Bare Bottom Weekend worked great for their kids.  Yes, we'd be trapped in our home all weekend, but once the weekend is over, he's potty trained!  That sounds awesome! 

I don't know when the "right" time is.  Surely it's not now since we are moving in three short weeks, and I am uprooting this little guy from his home and all of the neighbors who love him, but how soon after the move do I really start pushing the potty so that we can do Bare Bottom Weekend? 

Thoughts?  Suggestions? 

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