Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Getting Screwed when Buying/Selling a Home!

Pardon my vulgar language, but I am so f***ed right now!!!!  I am supposed to close on my new home this Friday and my condo next Friday.  For whatever BS, f'ing reason, the appraisal on my new home took seven days longer than it should have.  Today we finally got the appraisal back-- THREE DAYS BEFORE CLOSING and it came back $19,000 less than the contracted price.  I sobbed when I heard this!  I can only get the loan for the appraised value.  It doesn't appear as if the seller wants to drop the price, and I don't want to nor will I bring extra money to close the gap . That would be a stupid decision. 

The seller's dumbass agent said that she would probably just put it back on the market. My smart agent told her that she'll run into the same problem if/when the next buyer comes along.  It will NOT appraise for more next time around.  Seller is already taking a hit, and I feel badly about that.  Shit, I took a hit on my condo also.  So... I am currently homeless if we can't resolve this huge issue.  It's a horrible feeling.  It's a scary feeling. This is a time I wish I was married, so that I didn't have to be solely responsible for this crap.  I just want to throw up.  This is my worst nightmare. I am now trying to find an apartment that is not more expensive than my mortgage, that has enough room for all of my furniture, Dog, Sidekick, and is in a good area near daycare. 

When I was getting nervous about negotiations for this place because we finally had a contract on my condo, my mom said that having a baby is the most difficult thing I will ever do in my life.  I beg to differ!  I'd rather have three more babies on my own instead of going through this mess.  This sucks so badly. 

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  1. I am in the buy/sell process too right now, and I completely agree about having a baby being way easier!