Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day and Donor Insemination

On the heels of Father's Day, I giggle at the project Sidekick made for me at school yesterday.  The one that was framed did not have him holding the sign, but I think it's ironic that he moved in the picture so that the sign is blurred:

I find myself viewing Father's Day differently this year.  Last year, I was kind of sad and felt badly that there will not be a Daddy in Sidekick's near future (I'm still holding out hope that I will someday meet a great guy!).  This year, I find myself so grateful for Sidekick's donor.  I cannot imagine my life without Sidekick, and I am so blessed every day.  Donor #1 ran out of vials during my eight IUIs and I was devastated, so I had to switch to Donor #2.  I always think back that Donor #2 was meant to be my son's donor. If I had gotten pregnant with Donor #1, what would Sidekick look like?  Would he be as funny and smart as he is?  Would he have a love (and quite frankly obsession) of books?  Would he love every dog in our neighborhood and know them by their names?  Would he be as good of a sleeper?  Would he be a bottomless pit and eat everything in sight?

Pregnancy has always amazed me.  Even after going through it, I am still amazed and the miracle of it all.  What I find so awesome is that women like us (SMC) can have a child without a man.  We get to choose the Donor, looking for certain physical traits, a type of personality that can be deciphered on paper, something that just seems to be "right" to us. How awesome is it that modern science has allowed us to use this route to fulfill our dreams?

I have posted this in a previous entry, but I thought it appropriate to post it again:

Sidekick's Donor is anonymous, and I am totally okay with that. I have no desire to ever meet or have contact with Sidekick's siblings. If Sidekick chooses to do that, then that is his right and decision.  In the meantime, I am just so grateful for Sidekick's Donor and that "he" has helped me have the most amazing little boy.  He is better and more incredible than I had ever imagined he would be. So on the eve of Father's Day, I have Donor in my thoughts and thank him every day.

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