Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Desire for #2

As my little Sidekick is nearing one year old, I am sometimes overcome with sadness that he will be my only child.  I cry at times when I realize that I'll never experience another pregnancy and another child's "firsts".  I want a second baby more than I wanted Sidekick.  I know that sounds horrible, but like any first time Mom, I was nervous about what I was getting myself into, especially being a single mom.  I loved being pregnant.  I love being a Mom. I know what I am doing, and I think I'm good at it. I love spending weekends and after work with my son.  I love experiencing life with him and through his eyes.  I love my son more than I ever imagined I could.  I love my life more now than before I had him.  I want to expand my family, but because daycare is so expensive, I can't. That just kills me that that is the only reason Sidekick will not have a sibling!  Quick, Prince Charming, come find me so that we can have a child together. Haha!  I become so sentimental when I realize how fast this first year has gone, and that I'll probably never experience another year like this again. 


  1. What about a nanny? For 2 kids it may cost less than 2 in daycare. I am 41 and going to have a second. I wont let anything hold me back.

  2. Are you a SMC also? (Always looking to connect with others.) Unfortunately, I work a lot of the time out of my home with different hours every day (some shorter and some longer), and since I am in a two bedroom condo, there is no way I could have two kids, a nanny, and a dog while I work. My office is in my living room now, so there isn't a place for everyone to go and not bother me. Plus, I like daycare because it provides him good socialization and curriculum. Who knows... maybe I'll change my mind down the road, but my biological clock is ticking fast!