Saturday, May 25, 2013

Regrets of a First Time Momma

As my little Sidekick's first birthday is rapidly approaching, I find myself being nostalgic about everything, and oftentimes, things bring tears to my eyes because everything is going so fast. Sidekick's first year of life has been better than I ever expected, but looking back I have a few regrets:

1. I regret being so consumed by everything that I had to get done that I didn't nap (I can count on two hands how many times I've napped in Sidekick's almost 11 months of life.)  Nonetheless, I had a clean home, laundry wasn't piling up, dishes weren't in the sink, and my dog got daily walks.

2.  I regret not eating more and pumping in the middle of the night to increase my milk production.  Breastfeeding was rough because I had to supplement almost immediately.  When Sidekick started sleeping eight hours straight at four weeks old, instead of getting up in the middle of the night to pump, I chose sleep.  Maybe eating more and pumping more would have helped my milk production, but who knows!  In the end, I breastfed/pumped for five months which I guess is better than nothing. 

3.  Piggy backing off of #1 above, I regret not snuggling in my bed (or anywhere) with my baby.  I had so much to do to keep up my home and was so strict on where my baby slept, that I didn't take advantage of these special moments because when he slept, I put him down.  When I realized I missed out on this (he was about five months old), I started letting him take his morning nap in my bed while I snuggled with him once in a while.  In the end, I have a great sleeper which makes this Momma happy. 

4.  I regret not taking more pictures. I am almost done with his "First Year of Life" Shutterfly album, and it doesn't have very many pictures.  It'll be about 25-30 pages which just doesn't seem like a lot. Plus, there are very few pictures of us together. But hey, he has an album that captures great memories and that's more than I can say as I seem to not have one for myself.  : )

I guess if I've only have a few regrets, then I must not be doing too badly! These are things that I cannot change, but sometimes they can tug at my heart strings.  I wanted to acknowledge these things now so that on his first birthday, I will celebrate his awesome first year of life with no regrets (but with a little sadness as it is all going way too fast)! 

What regrets do you have?

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