Monday, May 6, 2013

Never Thought I'd get a Phone Call Like This...

Whenever daycare's phone number comes up on my caller ID, I always say a little swear in my head (okay, I usually say it out loud to myself).  Today was no exception especially since it's a really bad work week and Sidekick was sick last week, so I need him to stay healthy this week.
The director asked if I had carpet in my home.  I said I did in some of the rooms, and I immediately thought that Sidekick must have some type of rug burn on his legs from army crawling.  There was a pause, and then, "Well, the girls called me in to look at Sidekick's diaper, and there was a piece of the rug!"  Yep!  My boy pooped out a piece of rug!   

I busted laughing and said, "His body must have been craving fiber."  I know exactly what happened and where it came from.  The rug in my entry way seems to "shed" a lot since my dog, Macey, likes to "bunch" it all up and lay on it.  The carpet fibers seem to always come loose, and as often as I pick them up, I clearly missed one, but Sidekick didn't.  I must not forget to mention that the carpet fibers are about two inches long! 

It's nice to know that my boy's digestive system is working well.  It's also a reminder that I need a new rug. 

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