Friday, June 21, 2013

Sidekick's Not-Quite-Birthday Birthday Party

I was stressing about doing a birthday party for Sidekick because I don't like all of the hoopla, and I don't think that presents are necessary.  My mom reminded me that there are so many people who support me and Sidekick so I should do something.  We'll be with my family for his actual birthday, but I caved and decided to do something a few weeks before his actual birthday.

Food Trucks are a big thing here, so I had his party at Food Truck night with a great playground and band.  I requested no presents, but if people wanted to, they could donate money to the charity of their choice.  I was thrilled that some people listened to me and money was donated to Nurses for Newborns and the Humane Society. Some people still brought presents and some people didn't do anything (which was perfectly fine).  It was a fun, laid back night with a sock monkey theme.  I am just a few weeks away from his actual first birthday, and it makes me so sad every time I think about it.  Where has the time gone???

Party Favors (Cookie Mix)

Smash cake will happen on his actual birthday (I promised my sister and nephews.)

He couldn't get enough of the balloons!

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