Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Thought I had it All Together

Just a week ago, I posted all the crap that had been going on, and that I thought I had worked through it and gotten my act together.  Nope!  Wishful thinking!  Sidekick spiked a fever Sunday night, which led to him being home from school an entire f'n week?  Why?  Because he had RSV and his fever got up to 104.3 and lasted four days.  Are you kidding me??!!! 

The life of a SMC when you have a sick kid with no family in the same state really sucks.  Really, really sucks.  The good news is, I work out of my home. The bad news is, I had sales presentations and meetings I needed to attend.  I don't have a big Village, primarily because I don't like to rely on people or ask for help.  Plus, who with kids wants to watch a super sick kid??  Uh, no one!  My colleague covered me for my big sales presentation, I turned a meeting into a webinar, and cancelled some other meetings.  His teacher, who works at noon, was going to cover him tomorrow so I can go to a team meeting, and at 6:15 tonight, she informed me that she has been called into work early.  Crap! Crap! Crap! 

This meeting isn't crucial, but what is crucial is my sanity. I absolutely need a break from Sidekick and need to be with adults to have adult conversation, even if it will be primarily work related.  Juggling sick Sidekick with a fulltime job has been a challenge. I'm so run down emotionally, mentally, and physically that I'm afraid I'm not going to survive the weekend with Sidekick.  I called and texted friends to see if anyone can help for a couple of hours tomorrow while I am at my meeting.  Sidekick's fever broke last night and he's doing fine.  I would cancel my meeting in a heartbeat and not put him with other kids if I thought he was still contagious.

School only charges 50% if he is out an entire week, which is why he's not going to school tomorrow.  I certainly didn't want to pay a full week's tuition for a few hours of care, and since I've already been billed for the week, I couldn't really bring him in. 

I am so grateful to my SAHM friend who has a son Sidekick's age and an almost one year old daughter.  My son gets to play with his friend, I get to be with adults, and all I have to do is bring lunch to my friend as a "thank you".

After that, Sidekick has his ENT appointment to see if he will need tubes.  His hearing is really getting worse, and his sick appointment earlier this week still showed a lot of fluid.  This boy has had fluid in his ears for over two months now.  Poor kid.  I really am hoping that the doctor will just recommend tubes (like the pediatrician suggested) since we have documentation that his ears haven't cleared in over two months.  Let's just add one more thing to my list of stuff to do! 

When it rains it pours.  Sidekick never gets sick, and he has gotten nailed with sickness the past six weeks. 

On a good note... my basement is moving along well and it will be finished by next weekend.  Hooray for the simple things!

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