Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Plan for Sidekick

I last posted about Sidekick being sick again, and he had an appointment with the ENT a few days ago. For several months he's been failing hearing tests due to fluid in his ears.  I went to the appointment assuming he'd be getting tubes and walked out learning that he needs his tonsils and adenoid removed and tubes.  I was accepting of the fact that he would be under very light sedation for the tubes, but the tonsillectomy is a different story.  He will have to be put completely under for 45-60 minutes.  Here's where a normally chilled Momma becomes a completely paranoid Momma...

My friend's two year old son had surgery a couple of years ago.  The anesthesiologist messed up and my friend's son passed away. I know it was a fluke, but it happened.  It happened!  All I can think about is her son.  To make matters worse (if that's even possible), my friend's husband is a surgeon.  I mean seriously... wtf?  He operates all the time on people, and his son died.  I'm heartbroken for them.

Needless to say, I'm terrified about letting someone take my son and trusting him to keep him safe.  I told the doctor about what happened to my friend's son, and he look on his face was pure remorse.  He reassured me the anesthesiologists are good, and that he wouldn't stop keeping an eye on Sidekick. You don't think that my friend's husband got the best surgeon and anesthesiologist for his son that is no longer with them?  I can't even think about it because it brings tears to my eyes.

I know this is a very routine procedure (my friend's son's wasn't), but still... bad things happen. I scheduled surgery for March 21st.  I was hoping for the week before for work reasons, but there weren't any appointments available.  Sidekick will be out of school (daycare) for two weeks!!!  Geez!  So, with working with HR to figure out how much time I can take, and my mom coming in town on the tail end, I should be able to make this work.  Fortunately, I work out of my home, so I can do work, but I won't be able to get to customers until my mom is here.  Needless to say, I am taking some days off to take care of my boy, snuggle with him on the sofa, etc. without worrying about my job (that I'm not to happy with right now anyway.  See previous post.).  Yes, I can work from home while he is laying on the sofa watching TV, but I want to be 100% present for him with no distractions.

So... for just under four weeks, I will continue to worry.  I sure hope the next few weeks fly by so that my anxiety will stay at bay and not get the best of me.

For some good news... my carpet is being installed today in my basement!  After two months, it's finally complete, and I can put it together and begin using the space.  I'm so excited!!!

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