Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soccer (and lack of an apology)

I haven't  ever done any scheduled activities with Sidekick, and I felt the need to do something "special" with him each week.  Since he has this love and talent for kicking a soccer ball, I signed him up for a parent/tot class.  He's had so much fun, and I love seeing him listening to his coach, following directions, and interacting with other kids.  Those are things that I've never been able to observe, and it's nice to see how well behaved he is, so I'm hoping he is the same way at school.  This was literally his first day before "class" officially started.  Ever since his first day, he can't wait to put on his jersey every Wednesday. 

And this one is of the kids having to chase hula-hoops down the field. Apparently kids this young don't understand the concept of following/chasing a ball (hula hoop).  Sidekick is the one with the really loud scream, but who cares!  He loved it! (Of course I have zero space on my shitty phone despite the fact there is NOTHING on it anymore, so it cut off at the best part.)

While he looks cute and obedient in those videos, he sure has been pushing my buttons lately!  Just this morning while driving him to school, he was whining and getting angry because I couldn't help him put this magnet together.  When I finally lost my patience, I raised my voice, told him to stop, and asked him to apologize for his bad behavior, he immediately replied with, "*Sidekick* not sorry."  WHAT???!!!  Normally he apologizes on his own before I even have to tell him he did something wrong, but this time  for whatever reason, he wasn't sorry.  Wow!  I had no idea how to even respond to that and was shocked that he even had a thought process like that.  So, I continue on with trying to figure out how to deal with a toddler, and it seems to change daily!


  1. I've been seeing a naughty streak too when it comes to wanting help or wanting to do things independently. It must just be a phase at this age....or at least it better be a phase!!

  2. It's probably not what you want to hear but that is a huge developmental milestone. Independent thinking and self-determination. Very healthy stuff. But not pleasant to be on the receiving end-- I know.