Sunday, September 28, 2014

Male Role Model for Sidekick

I worry all the time about being a SMC, but more importantly, I really worry about raising a boy as a SMC since I cannot possibly relate to "boy issues".  I do great in the sports area of his life because I'm athletic, but I worry if I will be enough for him as he grows up and if I, alone, can give him everything he needs to be a well rounded man. 
I've written before about our amazing neighbors, D and E, who have an eight year old boy, T.  Our families immediately bonded shortly after we moved to our new home.  We all spend time outside together whenever possible, and Sidekick worships T (eight year old boy).  E (mom) and I have also formed a very close relationship, and we have this unique bond I've never had with someone. D (dad) and I get along so well and he has become a great friend.  But most importantly, D has this incredible love for Sidekick.  It's almost as if Sidekick is his own son. I can't wrap my head around the fact that someone can truly embrace my son and care about him so much in just a couple of months. They love each other like a father and son would.  It melts my heart and makes me so happy to see them together. 

Last night T had a baseball game, so Sidekick and I went to cheer him on.  I had to work all day, which made me cranky because if I'm going to pay a babysitter on a Saturday, it SHOULD be because I am doing something fun! I was exhausted, but I told T we were going to his game, and I didn't want to disappoint him.  While Sidekick didn't really understand what was going on, he enjoyed being part of the action and cheering on his best friend, T. 

At one point, Sidekick went over to D, and I looked over and found them like this:

To most people, this image would mean absolutely nothing, but to me, it means the world!  I wanted to cry watching this because while it made me so happy, it made me sad at the same time.  Strange, right?  It tugged at my heart strings in a way I hadn't expected.  It was a moment when I was reminded after living in my "nuclear family bubble" for a brief moment, that this is something Sidekick doesn't really have, and who knows if he ever will. It makes me go back to a question that surfaces in the front of my head from time to time:  Did I do the wrong thing wanting to be a SMC?  Is it fair to Sidekick?
I count my blessings that D, E, and T are in our lives. I consider them my best friends and my family.  I am especially grateful that D has stepped up to be that male role model that Sidekick's life is lacking. We never know where life is going to take us, but I certainly never imagined that after we moved to our new home, we would have such amazing people in our lives in such a short period of time.  That truly just does not seem possible. Both Sidekick and I were missing "something" in our lives, and this family has filled that void for both of us. We are fortunate to not only have them as friends, but to have them as our neighbors so we can see them all the time and continue this great relationship the five of us have.  The universe works in mysterious ways, and right now, I like the way it's working!  We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.  They mean the world to us!

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